You're Not Crazy, You're Celestial Podcast Interview With The Balanced Blonde



If you are super energetically sensitive, the last four to five days might have included one of the most uncomfortable nights/ days/ moments you've experienced in a long time.

It is unfathomably intense.

You might literally be able to feel your system being rewired in real time.

You might notice that everything looks / feels a little different -- even your own he, (I wrote home but we'll leave he for now) even the vista that you look at and drive down every day.

It's all shifting. Or rather your eyes and your spacial awareness is shifting.

You might be burping up the wazoo. You might feel a foginess like no other. You might be experiencing an energetic vomiting from your heart space or your wombspace or your belly. You might feel grief that you simply cannot place. You might be wishing that you weren't even here at all.

It's pretty excruciating. Breath. Take a few moments outside in the cool air. Feel your feet on the ground. Meditate. Cry. Take a shower. Know that you are not alone. And that you are not crazy.

These energetic shifts and upgrades are very real. And uncomfortable as they are in real time, they are also why you came.

You are creating the New Human. And once again, this is not a metaphor.

And just to be clear. It’s not horrendous for everyone. And it doesn't need to be uncomfortable. There are some right now who are flying from the rooftops in joy. But for many, the incoming solar flares on Friday created a profound profound energetic cleansing and upgrade.

It was felt in real time by the many rather than just the few. And it's important to know that you’re not crazy. You are experiencing tangible upgrades to your system in real time. This stuff isn’t going away.

And knowing that you’re not alone is one of the most important ways to take the edge of the experiences and allow the magic to unfold. Because make no mistake about it - this is all for your ultimate joy and deliciousness. No question. It’s just a process.

Join us in the Temple of Illumination every Wednesday, where Nicola holds space and shares more about this celestial awakening in real time. And to help reset or bring comfort today, pop over and have a listen to today’s podcast on The Balanced Blonde where Nicola discusses what is happening in more detail and looks at all things magical, being connected and living a beautifully guided celestial life. Because one hundred thousand percent You’re Not Crazy. You’re Celestial.

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