A Message For Us All On This Full Moon With A Partial Eclipse Eve

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About to step into a beautiful full moon ceremony for Grounding and release at the Kiva at Miraval Resort. And a message for us all on this beautiful Full Moon with a partial eclipse Eve: ✨ We are in the energy, guys. We are deeply in the energy. Allow it to work you. {It will anyways!!} Allow it Bring into focus the very Core of your Being. And allow it to show you the depths of your own capacity for Love. This is what's happening in real time as we speak. ✨ Our hearts are atuning more deeply; we are remembering the frequency and it is upleveling us from the inside out and the outside in. Bless these shifts. Bless any parts of us that are scared or reticent. Allow them to speak to you. Allow them to share any fears. And then allow an energetic balm to make its way through your throats and your heart as you speak. ✨ It's delicious and it's being delivered to your door. That's the message of this time. Don't be scared. The entire Universe has your back and is conspiring to gift you. Let it in. Let it in. Let it in. If that be your only mantra for this evening and tomorrow's Lions Gate Portal, it's enough: I receive the magic and the beauty of this energy in real time. I receive I receive I receive. ✨ And so it is ✨Happy Full Moon, guys. Here we go ✨image by the amazingly poetic akka b. photography.

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