ENERGY REPORT: Lion's Gate Portal + New Moon + Special Eclipse

Holy Mother, Guys.

I am writing this to you from Miraval. 
And I tell you, I am living proof that this Universe is orchestrating opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. But we have to Surrender our old ways of thinking first. 

In terms of the Energy Report,
I will try and keep it as succinct as possible,
but there's a lot happening.

I spoke more deeply about it in the Temple of Illumination today, there has been a very specific and profound throat chakra upgrade this past ten days. It began in the heart and worked the lungs and throat very deeply. Old griefs very likely came up to be witnessed and healed.  

Did you feel it?

In the form of an actual sore throat / raspiness.
And a lot of grief was transmuted.

I have a lot to say about this.
If you felt it and want to hear more about it,
and how to work with it, join us in the Temple.  

For now, as succinctly as I can muster, we must get to the upcoming biggies on the energetic landscape this month. August 2017 is truly like no other:

The Lion's Gate Portal opens on 8-8. 
We have a full moon with a partial eclipse on 8-7. 
And the huge, potent, powerful, eclipse of all eclipses
with the New Moon on August 21st.

This eclipse is the bookend to the 6 month period we kicked off in February. And all these energetic events are supporting you in living and stepping into your deeper truth.

It might be deeply scary. 

The beautiful stuff always is.

But it's real. 

It's available to you. 

And at this point in the Cosmos and what's happening energetically with the light that is streaming in, my greatest counsel to you is to stop fighting the inevitable.

You know it in your heart.

You have profound profound support in the energetic realms. 

And it's time.

And honestly, the alternatives now are even stickier than any potential fear. 

If you have been focusing on surrendering this past six months, it is quite likely that there is a deep sense of celebration right now. An awakening to a Cosmic Truth and way of Being that defies our brains. 

And there is no right or wrong in this - it's all a process. 
But if we haven't yet surrendered to the deeper truths in our own hearts, it's quite likely that right now there are some bandaids being pulled off. Or a sense of a tussle in our Souls. 

And know, truly know, that whatever is up, whether it feels like a graduation, a celebration, or a profound moment of fear or stagnation, or all of the above, know in your heart of hearts that this is all unfolding for you. 

Because it is.

And it is a glorious time to be alive. 

This is why we came.

And there's pretty much no pretending anymore. 

The Light and the energy is literally working us in real time and we can feel it. 

We have several avenues and beautiful opportunities for support and community below.

We are hosting the most delicious weekend with the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for the actual extended weekend of the Eclipse

This is truly a trip of a time to be alive. 
I'm so happy to be on this Journey with you. 

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