Magical Eclipse Weekend With The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa: You’re invited

A   M A G I C A L   W E E K E N D  W I T H   
T H E  O J A I   V A L L E Y  I N N
Saturday, August 19th - Monday, August 21st

In honor of the upcoming eclipse, we have 3 magical experiences to share with you at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. These offerings are a la carte individual experiences. Together they make a delicious and perfectly timed retreat.

We will begin the weekend on the night of Saturday, August 19th, with a gorgeous Guided Journey to the Stars by the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. Following Sunday afternoon, August 20th, Nicola will lead a New Moon Dream Alchemy Session. We will then end the weekend Monday morning, August 21st, with a complimentary eclipse Yoga and Meditation class during the actual time of the eclipse outside on the grass under the Wishing Tree at the Spa.

Each daily activity must be individually scheduled.
Peek below to read the daily offerings in full detail and reserve your spots.
We encourage you to join us in all three days to invite, participate, and experience the full Magic of this weekend.

G U I D E D   J O U R N E Y  
W I T H   T H E   S T A R S
Saturday, August 19th 8 - 11pm

We are kicking off this Magical Weekend poolside at the Ojai Valley In & Spa.

Join us Saturday night for a delicious and delectable Guided Journey to the Stars outside by the pool and then an evening swim at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. There'll be drinks and nibbles provided by the Spa and this experience is limited to 22 people, so please book asap! 

N E W   M O O N   E C L I P S E  
D R E A M   A L C H E M Y   C E R E M O N Y
Sunday, August 20th 4 - 6pm

On Sunday, Nicola, founder of 7OM Alchemy and Resident Energy Alchemist at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa will lead us in a beautiful uplifting Private New Moon Dream Alchemy Ceremony to anchor in a Heartfelt Dream on at the artists cottage at the Spa. New Moons are a time of profound potentiality; a beautiful time for our dreams to take flight. This particular New Moon on August 21st comes with a full Solar Eclipse that is kickstarting our dreams into reality.

E C L I P S E   Y O G A  +  M E D I T A T I O N  
Monday, August 21st 9:30 - 11 am

We will end the Magical Weekend with a 90 minute complimentary Yoga + Meditation class Monday morning, August 21st, at 9:30am. The class will take place during the actual time of the eclipse as we we breath and move outside on the grass under the Wishing Tree at the Spa. Nicola will be collaborating with Citrine Danzer, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa lead yoga instructor, for this special session. 

N O T   I N   C A L I F O R N I A ?
Saturday, August 19th at 11am

G U I D E D   J O U R N E Y
F O R   C O M P L E T I O N
Saturday, August 19th at 11am

For those who cannot join us in person in Ojai this weekend Nicola will be leading a very special LIVE digital Eclipse Guided Journey for Completion in the Temple of Illumination Saturday, Aug. 19th at 11am.
By signing up for this months guided journey you will receive access to the private 7OM Alchemy Temple of Illumination Facebook group where Nicola leads a Guided Journey + Meditation every month. The membership is a reoccurring monthly payment of $22 that you may cancel at any time. 

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