ENERGY REPORT: The Current Energetics & Guided Journey For Sacred Sexuality

This month of July 2017 has been profound in the energetic realms (when is it not, right?). Major downloads of Light and energetic reprogramming and awakening came through from Sirius last week; the full moon was major, and we are now leading up to the Lion's Gate portal on 8-8, where there will be more deep openings and clearings and awarenesses coming through.

Last Friday, July 14th, was particularly intense on the energetic landscape. So if you were feeling like you were hit by a truck Friday or things had been going much more slowly than normal, Congratulations. You are doing great. And you are integrating in real time.

And know this very clearly: Friday might have been tough or felt like molasses, but a very clear energetic gate for possibility opened. There are old stories in your consciousness that are literally being transmuted -- stories of lack, of abandonment, of suffering, and even the story that we need to suffer or work hard in order to be of value and in order to deserve success and happiness.

It's being rewritten before our very eyes.

W H A T  I S  A C T U A L L Y  H A P P E N I N G?

There is an energetic re-awakening that is happening to humans on this planet that is allowing us to remember our cosmic heritage. You might literally feel your body and your brain being rewired in real time. Do not fear. This is not voodoo and this is not happening "to you" without your permission - this is a process that your Soul is very much overseeing, and it is for your benefit and your ultimate deliciousness.

You're opening to your extra-sensory capabilities, you are clearing out old energetic patterns and memories and your vibration is being upgraded to a more crystalline frequency. This frequency and the beautiful experiences of this frequency are why we came. And while the process of energetic awakening isn't always the most comfortable, it is guided by a higher Knowing and a higher Source. You'll recognize it because, along with any sadness or tears or pain that might come forward, there is also a deepening of Serendipity and a deeper awareness of Beauty. 

The trees will literally start to get greener, there is a light that you will start to notice in the skies and the clouds and in peoples eyes. 

Allow this in. Allow yourself to slow down and really experience your surroundings.

A V A I L A B L E   S U P P O R T...

If you have not yet taken the time to experience the beautiful hour long Guided Journey with the Goddess Isis and RA, this is a perfect time for it. The second chakra is the space of life-force and of creation. Any past experiences, any energetic imbalances, any fear or shame relating to this space - sexually and otherwise - effects our life-force and our abilities to see through to fruition our dreams. 

This hour long journey will clear out old stagnant energy in this space and fill it with a new vibrational frequency. You will feel it in real time and it is extremely aligned with what is happening with the Light that is pouring forth from Sirius as we build up to the Lion's Gate portal next month. 

Give yourself an hour, lie down somewhere super comfortable, close your eyes and receive receive receive. 


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