Intention Setting For A Prosperous 2018


As often is the case for those beings with magical tendencies and super open higher chakras, during much of my life money was a real struggle for me. There was a lot of guilt and shame and embarrassment and fear. Paralyzing Fear. An incredible amount of creativity and creative output, but money, not so much. 

On some level I was proud of it, or at least relieved by it -- I never had to worry that my work wasn't worth a certain price because no-one was really paying for it, and when it came to my ceremonies and alchemy, I was also taught that real shaman and healers don't charge for their services and are always provided for by the Universe.  This was certainly my experience -- some of you have heard the stories of a period that was biblical in nature in which I literally went down to not having one cent in the bank, and was provided for in the most miraculous and beautiful of ways day after day, week after week. 

I'm not joking when I say the Universe knows your name -- I and my stories are living proof. But it gets exhausting living like this. And it’s not why we came. It's a backwards notion of Sovereignty. It teaches that money is shameful and unspiritual. And energetically, that is simply out of whack.

Because everything is Spiritual.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly liberating to get to see in real time just how much the Universe is actually involved in our business and has our back when we have nothing and when we truly need it to be. It’s how I learned to alchemically break the cycle of survival - because when you know that you’re taken care of, your brain rewires itself and you open your Being to what’s truly possible. But it’s not optimum as a human to stay in the space of testing the Universe on a daily basis. Optimum is learning and knowing with a full heart that we are taken care of and then creating a life where we don’t have to live on the edge and prove it every day.

Optimum is knowing that there is nothing unsacred about money and that there is nothing unsacred about wanting to generate it and receive it in large amounts. See how we bristle when we imagine a spiritual person talking about large amounts of money? This is cultural programing that needs to be unpicked for all.  

There is nothing wrong with large amounts of money. 

And there is nothing wrong with receiving it.

Your conscious brain probably says it knows this already.

But underneath, if you're like most people, you possibly have a different story playing on a loop. 

In my own life, I decided once and for all that it was time to put my money where my mouth was and create a financial foundation for myself. Ask my besties about that time - I hadn’t yet started my partnership with the Inn, I hadn't been flown to Miraval to teach, the Celestial Journey existed but it wasn’t anything like it is now, and there were about 3 people in the temple of illumination. I made the decision to heal my money karma and truthfully I was petrified. Absolutely petrified. 


Guess what happened? 


I did the work. Diligently. In partnership with one of my besties. Every day I did the work and everything began to shift. Everything. 

Here's the thing -- it's not about doing ceremonies and then holding our breath and waiting to see what happens. It's not just about making wishes and burning paper -- although there is nothing wrong with those things.

But the actual process of anchoring in prosperity is a more grounded experience. And it relates less to magical thinking and more to the healing of relationships - both to money, to our family of origin and yup, to ourselves and our sense of self. 

It's incredibly empowering once we realize just how co-creative this thing called prosperity really is. There are tangible tools that you can engage, if you are ready and willing that will shift this stuff from the inside. But you have to do the work. 


But we'll start (of course) with intentions.

As I did.

Because containers are exquisite. 
And setting them intentionally are even more so. 

And a very specific New Year's Eve/ New Year's Day exercise:

Take a moment to really tune in to the amount of money you would like to receive on average per month during 2018. Allow this to be an amount that is within the realm of possibility, but certainly not necessarily probability. 

For context, when I first did this exercise, the number that came forward for me was 10K per month. On paper, it was laughable. On paper, $3500 a month was going to be a reason for celebration. But I was honest and authentic with my experience and ready to create myself a different reality. And as I "tried on" the numbers for size - starting at $3000 per month, I kept going till I got to $10K, and much as my conscious brain laughed, I could also feel the vibration of truth in my hart space. So that was my number.  

I had no idea how it was going to happen. But that’s not the point. The point was I tuned into my heart space and declared it from there. Not from desperation. Not from begging. But from tuning in to what I was energetically ready to receive. Can you feel the difference?

Guess how much I made that year?

You got it. 

So tune in for you now. It’s not that money is the only thing we need to focus on in our lives. But in the spiritual realms, there is often a lot of guilt for caring about money - as though its unspiritual in some way. And my commitment for 2018 is to help bust that myth. Money is deeply spiritual. Freedom is deeply spiritual. Knowing your worth is deeply spiritual. Allowing yourself to receive prosperity and then choosing how you want to spend it and who you want to support with it is deeply deeply spiritual. 

So, join me right now.



1) Close your eyes and tune in.
And just allow different numbers to come forward like a scale.
Ask yourself truthfully how much you would like to receive on average per month next year.
And allow this to be a number that is somewhat out of your comfort zone
but also not outside the realms of possibility.

For me, 10k months on paper were out of the range of probability but not of possibility.
And in my heart, i could just feel what i was ready for.
And it is precisely what ended up coming to fruition.
Allow your heart to speak to you in this way now. 

And then write down the number. 

2) Take a piece of money in your hand — the larger the bill the better.
Sit with it for a moment. Notice what emotions come up.
Notice how you feel about the bill in your hand.  
And then when you’re able to, share the following with the bill.
Preferably out loud:

"Hi Money!!
You are so cute. 
(Yup. Cute!)
I love you.
I am grateful for you.
I am sorry for all the times I shamed you.
I am sorry for all the times I shamed myself in relation to you. 

Thank you for………

I’m excited this year to…..

Please share with me anything that you would like to share about how
I have related to you and how you would like to engage with my going forward….

I am so grateful to you for….


Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 
You’re Welcome!!!"


And then do the money mindset work. If I had to put it into categories, in its simplest form it is this: Realize the ancestral beliefs towards money that are literally encoded in your DNA, bring them to light through journalling and guided writing prompts. Cry. For sure. Then make a conscious decision to release yourself from those beliefs. Connect more deeply to just how incredible you are and what you are capable of. Rewire your brain in real time by declaring to someone you love - on a daily basis - why you are so amazing. It will make you want to vomit in the beginning, I promise. But it’s worth it. Then get practical with your finances. Yup. A few specific and very grounded daily and weekly practices will shift everything. Everything. And 100 hundred thousand percent don't do this alone. I did it with my bestie and there was profound resistance on both sides but we got each other to the table and we did it. and it was pure and utter magic. 


So grab a bestie and join me in real time. The amount of time it takes to rewire the brain, starting December 30th, I’m gonna help you connect with the tools, practical and metaphysical that help to shift this stuff. In a four part interactive series, I'll share everything I did — all the tangibles that literally rewired my brain in real time and allowed the prosperity and good fortune to flow in.

And I’ll say this — this is a more practical and grounded course than I have ever taken you on. Because it’s time for inspired action. And it works. This is how the magic happens - we create the foundation and we do the work and then magic flows in. Us floaty floaty celestial beings don’t necessarily love the idea of the practical realities, but holy mother do we have the magic to make them work at lightening speed when we actually sit down to do them. 


So, join me for

And let’s make 2018 the most financially golden year ever. 

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