Igniting Love Through Our 7OM Sacred Wedding Ceremonies

Possibly our favorite part of this whole magical enterprise we are building together under the 7OM umbrella is officiating and co-creating beautiful wedding ceremonies.

As with last week’s gorgeous wedding in November, we sat down with the betrothed (what a fascinating word) and really get to the heart of who they are, and what’s important to them before we start creating together. We include and create rituals inspired by them, and inspired by the inclusion of people that they love and want to be part of the official ceremony. And every single time we find the most perfect balance of the personal and the communal.

I believe this is why so many people in the “audience” at our co-created wedding ceremonies say that it’s their most favorite wedding ever, including sometimes their own (!!) Because every piece of it is created with intention and attention, from the desire to create a visceral and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Last week’s wedding, on the most magical labyrinth in Ojai, was equal parts transcendent and grounded holiness. The theme was Timeless, the level of Authenticity that radiated from our bride and groom brings a smile to our faces a week later, the mother of the bride was our most favorite bluebird temple member. While the groom’s family came from the Jewish tradition and the bride’s family came from the Christian tradition, we created a ceremony that spoke to all.

And exquisitely, it was the bride's father and brother who built a chupah with their one two hands — a chupah being a wedding canopy that is often used at Jewish weddings. It was the first ceremony I’d personally officiated under a chupah and it was simply sublime. The sacred structure and container made it so clear that this experience was taking place intimately between these two special Souls in a very sacred container, and at the very same time, it was being blessed and witnessed and cheered on by their families and community.

Just like the best marriages.

As we write this, we hear that Australia just voted yes to Same Sex marriages. Chills throughout our whole Beings as we continue as a planet to declare that Love is Love is Love. How perfectly perfect for our November month of Love...

If you have Questions or are curious about our ceremonies you can find more information about our officiated weddings here. And if you identify as LGBTQ and are looking for a love central officiant, we would love to hear from you on this very auspicious and beautiful day!!!


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