We Will Rebuild Anew - This Is Why We Came

If you are human right now, it feels in many ways like the apocalypse is here.

Right here. Right Now. Every day.

So much pain and terror. Mother Nature. Las Vegas.

A collective PTSD for many the likes we have never known.

Energetically, vibrationally, cosmically, there's a method to the overall madness. It’s not that these events are being orchestrated by the Universe; it’s that a major major major vibrational shift is occurring on this planet. There is a tangible awakening, a newness, and a literal Rebirth. Many are going through profound ego deaths and ultimate Rebirths as we speak.

I spoke in the Temple of Illumination last week about the labor process. If you knew nothing of child brith and you just walked into a room during labor you would be aghast at the pain and the torture and the turmoil a mother is going through. And then the baby arrives.

We are the baby.

This planet, this country has been so profoundly out of balance for so long, the wounded masculine is being called back into alignment. And holy mother, do we have a lot of work to do. Collectively and individually.

We need to start by holding and loving our men. Changing the dialogue. Encouraging tenderness. Feelings. Feminine qualities to be embraced. It’s essential. There is no ignoring at this point.

But in many ways that’s the bigger picture. On the ground, what to do when we are watching the news or on Facebook and feeling overwhelmed.

1) Take a Breath.

2) Get off Facebook. Switch off the television. If you are not directly effected by specific events, work out ways or a way that you would like to tangibly support those effected and take an action step or even two. Then step away from the coverage.

Notice whether you are glued to reports of the victims — and ask yourself why you are pouring over the stories and the details. It is heartbreaking. There is no question about it. But we need to be really clear about the integrity of our own motivation — for the most part, as the news networks share stories of those who passed, we are in essence slowing down at a car crash to see what was occurring. There is an element of voyeurism to our collective interest, and we need to own it and also understand that vibrationally to immerse in the stories and the pain and the suffering creates continued and ongoing suffering in our own lives.

We need to be clear headed right now. We need to address the issues at hand. We need to be compassionate. Oh so compassionate.

We need to understand that Loneliness in its myriad of forms is responsible for so much of the suffering we are witnessing. On both ends of the equation.

We need to create deeper, more connected communities.

We need to be kinder.

We need to be kinder with ourselves.

We don’t throw out spiritual teachings in the times of disharmony and panic. We anchor them even more deeply.

Kindness. Stillness. Breath.

These are crucial right now.

Take action. No-one is suggesting you don’t take action. But ground yourself first.

Small Things You can Do:

Step away from the news. Step away from Facebook. Take a moment to honor the Souls of those who have passed in a way that is meaningful to you. But know that immersing in the pain and the stories doesn't necessarily help anyone.

Take a shower. Scrub with some salt. Get some essential oils and have a healthy sniff. Smelling Salts worked for Aunt Sally for a reason.

Allow yourself to cry.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings.

Many times, when there is a collective rage, you are not just feeling the fear and sadness of the event, you are having memories or wounds in your own psyches that have remained unprocessed triggered. Allow yourself to feel the pain and the sadness. Allow the emotion to come through and be experienced and even witnessed by another. Cry it out. Scream it out. Let your rage express itself — safely — but let it be expressed.

One of the most crucial ways that this planet is awakening vibrationally is through the feeling of previously disowned feelings. As a society, we have made a day-to-day specialty out of abandoning our own Souls and our own feelings and filling the voices with distraction, addiction and shopping. The onslaught of event after tumultuous event means that there is no denial possible any longer. Your feelings, your grief, your sadness — old or new — must be felt. This is how we transmute. This is how we heal. This is how we create the New.

Be gentle with yourself.

Choose one act of community and kindness today.

It’s ok to feel despair. It’s also ok to feel Joy.

This World is breaking open. The structures are breaking down.

We will rebuild anew. This is why we came.

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