What's Your Number?!

This life and this Journey is in many ways a treasure hunt.

There are puzzle pieces and clues that will guide your way again and again and again. And when you see them, they will bring you a sense of calm, a Remembering, a Knowing deep in your Heart that you are on the right path. These signs are particularly important when you are in the midst of surrendering, when you are scared and anxious that you might be going nuts and simply shirking responsibilities etc. These signs are sent from the wider You to the human You to show you that all is well and that you are on track. These numbers are different for everyone and you will notice yours repeating again and again in your life.  

We spoke about this with the The Balanced Blonde on The Balanced Blonde Podcast . For Jordan that number is 201 and for me me and for my family, that number is 4711. It is beyond remarkable how it shows up for us. It was the name of my grandmas favorite perfume, it was our family phone number growing up, my old shamanic teacher had the 4 digits in a different order as the last four digits of her phone number. The Sound Healer who connected me to the solfeggio sound healing frequencies that now run through me also had the same last 4 digits in phone number. When I moved to Ojai, on the day I moved into my new home, I went to the local Ralph's to buy something and joined their membership program. I actually don't think I've been back since but guess what the last 4 digits of the 13 digit membership card number was? 4711, baby. In the last 3 days, I have made 3 separate purchases for the finding maker pop up this weekend. $11.47 and $110.47 and then the third purchase included the check out dude accidentally swiping another product at Michaels when he was moving a bag and guess what the total came to? $147.17.

Immediately after the podcast recording with Jordan, I went to IKEA and purchased a toilet brush. True story. Guess what 2 numbers were on the side of the brush? 4711 and 201. You truly cannot make this stuff up. It is beyond logic. But when you watch it and notice it for long enough, you will be reminded again and again that you are not alone, that you have a tangible team of magic makers through the ethers working with you and sending you little signs.

✨What's the repeating number that helps you remember the magic? ✨

We wanna hear!!!

✨And happy 10-4-17!✨

A day that brings me great Joy for obvious reasons.

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