This Is How She Rises

Indeed, this is how we all rise.

I find it remarkable (and of course also not) that just hours after our posts about reclaiming Friday 13th as the day of the Divine Feminine, that we see the outpouring of the #metoo memos and sharings and posts.

This is quite literally the divine feminine reclaiming itself in action. And I sense now that this is why so many of us were unwittingly recommending water rituals and bathing rituals and desperately running to the sacred waters — I took a salt bath every day last week. I just wanted to be in the water ALL the time.


Because the sacred waters are where we heal the shame and the guilt and the pain and the violations relating to the sacred sexual chakra. Eons and eons and eons of violations. This lifetime. Past lifetimes. Collective lifetimes. And of course the abuse of this Earth. The actions of one man were the trigger for this last week. But the timing was in no ways accidental. 

And here’s the thing — there is starting to be a conversation online about what actually constitutes abuse? Whether the multitude of outpourings of #metoo sharings somehow water down those who were “actually” attacked or abused vs those who were simply “harassed.”

Ladies and gents, this in itself is insane hierarchical thinking.

It comes from a linear brain. It comes from someone imagining a court and wondering how to prove who is wrong, who is right, who should be punished? None of this matters in the realms of the energetics, because it’s not about punishment, it’s about healing. If you felt violated, you were violated. Simple as that.

And when we do the deep deep work with this stuff, we understand that there are layers and layers and layers to it all - that as much as we may be angry with the “Patriachry” or with those who abused their power, there are also layers of ourselves that are angry with and turning on ourselves. Day after day. without even realizing it.

How did we let this happen?

Where was our Voice?

How did we not scream?

Did we use our bodies as an energetic transaction to procure safety or sustenance?

Did we violate ourselves?

These are just some of the thoughts going through many of our hearts right now and this last one is particularly harmful because it smacks of the “you don’t have a right to feel violated because you collaborated.” But once again, tenderness. You were scared. You were in your own form of protection mode and you did what you could to keep yourself safest as you perceived it at the time. There is no hierarchy - only your own experience to be unpacked and held and loved. 

Be gentle.

Hold space for your own precious heart.

Whatever is coming forward, know that energetically this moment in time is about bringing it all up into the Light. The shame, the fear, the anger, the embarrassment, the retribution.

Whatever it is you are feeling - let it be FELT.

Let it be witnessed.

The secrets that live in our cells and cause us sickness and exhaustion and pain in our current lives stop having an effect on us when we allow them to be witnessed and held in love. 

The lower back pain of the past few weeks. The pains in our hips. All related. All connected. All bringing to Light and ultimately to integration and balance. Lifetimes and Lifetimes of collective imbalance coming to the surface. As a collective and as individuals there is a very clear pattern to the Awakening of this planet and it is this — bring anything old and shadowy and shame-inducing that has been hidden in the dark recesses of our minds and our Society to the Light.

Let us look at what we were not prepared to look at previously. Let us hold each other in Love and compassion as we share our deepest shames and pains. Let us tell each other "I hear you. I see you. I honor you.” 

This #metoo outpouring is without question a revolutionary act and an evolutionary act. This isn’t about making men bad and women victims — that’s also old patriarchal thinking. It’s about how we are choosing to engage with the experience and what we are currently witnessing for the most part is the creation of a space in which hundreds of thousands of people are being witnessed and held and honored. It’s about starting new conversations. It’s about bringing this stuff into the Light.

And as we do so, we all Rise. We all benefit.

This isn’t a witch-hunt against men. Far from it. And it’s important that we know it inside all our hearts. This is how we rebuild. You cannot just build on the old. You have to pull up the floorboards. You have to see that which has lay festering under the carpet. And then together create a new foundation. This is the invitation we are extending to ourselves right now. And this is how we heal and clear and step forwards.


What a time to be alive.

What an incredible time to be alive. 

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