Why Friday the 13th Is One Of The Luckiest Days Of The Year...

Happy Friday 13th!

Happy Full Moon in Pisces.

It’s actually a very special day and brings me to one of my favorite topics — the notion of Friday 13th and how it’s actually a profoundly “lucky” day that has been wholly misunderstood and misrepresented.

And in the realms of our ongoing Serendipity, I recently found a “dinner party games and trivia” set in the London apartment. And the first card I picked said:

“Triskaidekaphobia is fear of:
a) using public toilets,
b) the number 13, or
c) treading on freshly fallen snow.”

And I laughed out loud because the answer was b) The number 13. (which I did not know previously - did you?)

And on the back of the card it said:

“The origins of 13 as an unlucky number are unclear; Christian Sources indicate a Middle Ages superstition based around The Last Supper, but there are indicators that the number had an ill aspect before this.”

And while it made me chuckle, it also made my heart a little sad to read once again the official story line that Friday 13th has “ill aspects” to it. Because it’s a lie and in many ways, it is emblematic of why we are in the midst of the chaos that we are currently witnessing as a country and a planet.

And here is Why:

Friday the 13th is an incredibly, incredibly magical day for Beauty and for Prosperity and for Luck.

Let me repeat: It's a profoundly Lucky and Beautiful Day.

It’s the day of the Goddess. The day of the Divine Feminine Remembering and Receiving itself. It’s a day for Sensuality and Deliciousness and Rest.

It’s a day that the magical peeps would go to the Spa and bathe and connect and sing and dance and embody their divinity. It’s a day to release anything old and to sing in and bring in your heart’s delight.

"What?" You gasp.

"But Friday 13th is the stuff of horror movies. It’s a day to stay in the house and double cross your chest, whether or not you are even catholic, to protect yourself against bad luck and ghoulies and ghosts and misfortune."

And we say, aaaah, the patriarchy has trained you well.
The religions and the individuals that were scared of magical ladies and gents have trained you well.

Historically. there was so much fear relating to the Ways and the Powers of the Feminine that it was slandered and attacked and made “dangerous.” And yes, it’s dangerous — it’s dangerous to an old way of being. It’s dangerous to the soul numbing, embodiment fearing status quo. It’s dangerous to eons of patriarchal attempts to keep “witches” and "goddesses" and "priestesses" with magical powers at bay.
It’s dangerous to those whose very power rests on the fact that you, male or female, forget your own.

Because once you remember who you are, once you remember the magical and beautiful connections that you have, the game is over. 

Hierarchy is over. False power is over.

Our world and our earth is at a crossroads. Fires are raging. Hurricanes are slamming. The Power is Out in more parts of the country than ever before. We are being asked to go back to basics and to really, truly look inside ourselves and our cultures and our community.

You are being asked to wake up, to wake up to the power that lives inside. And you are being asked to Remember that you are supported in doing so. Allow the old superstitions to fall away. Allow the years and lifetimes of witch-burning to release from your cells. Allow your true power - the power you have possibly been dimming and hiding, or eating and drinking and numbing into oblivion — allow it to make itself known again.

Allow it to ignite now. Allow it to ignite. Allow your inner divine feminine, the place of magic and miracles and beauty and bounty and deliciousness to be ignited and illuminated and informed anew.

Allow yourself to remember that Friday 13th is in fact a glorious nod to the 13 moons of the lunar calendar. Allow the 13 grandmothers to light and guide your way, and remind you that you are Safe, and that it is safe to be magical in these times. Allow yourself to remember that any superstition, and certainly any superstition in relation to Friday the 13th is a reminder of just how powerful you actually are, and how powerful this day can be.

Iif you have ever done a full moon or a new moon ceremony, know that this day is a powerhouse of a culmination of all those ceremonies. And of course today’s Friday 13th comes with a Full Moon to boot. Know that it’s a very precious one and a celebratory one at that.

Join me in reclaiming this day as a day of Celebration and Delight. Get thee to the proverbial Spa. Join me in remembering who you are. Wherever you are in the world, whether you are male or female, whether your heart hurts or rejoices, allow yourself to do something delicious today.

Make a wish.

Light a sparkler under the night sky and speak to the stars and the moon and the heavens. Share your dreams. Share your Visions of Prosperity. Share your Visions of Prosperity and Peace for all. Share your heartache. Allow it to be held and received by the loving bossom of this Earth that you may not be able to see, but you can certainly feel through the ethers. Let this be a day that you truly truly remember that you are not alone, that you are held, that you are loved. And that the chaos and the insanity that we are witnessing on this earth at this time is emblematic of the awakening we are witnessing in real time.

Engage in a ceremony tonight.
Particularly a bathing ritual if you can. If you know me well, you know that anything done with intention is a Ceremony. Cook a meal. Light a fire. Run a bath. Or even sit down and watch your favorite tv show with a glass of wine, but toast to the day of Magic and Venus and the Goddess that lives in your very cells as you do so.

Let this be a day that you can Believe in Possibility. That is the greatest freedom imaginable and that is how we collectively and individually shift this paradigm and this Earth.

Let this be a day that Lights us up. Let it be a day that we Rejoice in. Let it be a day that we know in the deepest part of our Hearts that our inner Oracles and Magic-Makers comes out to play today, without having to do anything specific beyond noticing them.

No more hiding. No more Fear. No more superstitions.

And some delicious bathing and receiving.

Sacred Bathing

You Will Need: 
Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt,
Epson Salts, Lavender, Rosehips, Hibiscus

Essential Oils: 
Frankincense, Myrrh, Geranium, Rose

One or All Of The Following Crystals: 
Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst


Light a candle.
Play some music.
Like, actually really do it.
I love love love this
It’s a song to the divine mother healing waters
and holy mother of Beauty. 

You can either blend the salts and oils and florals together in advance - that’s its own beautiful ceremony — or take them individually and add them to the tub as the waters are running. Be ceremonial about this. invite in the vibration of reverence. Slow down. Even if you feel anxious at the prospect of slowing down, just do it anyway — the deliciousness doesn’t always come during the experience of ritual, particularly if you’re used to moving very fast. But it will come. And it will nourish you. And it will bring in the magic. 

Add the ingredients.
Luxuriate in the music.
Or feel anxious with the slow pace -
it doesn’t matter :)
Just allow yourself to follow it anyways. 

Then immerse in the sacred waters.
Bless them with your presence.
You can speak something aloud,
but you don’t have to.
Your simple willingness to do this ritual is enough.

Get in the Water. 

Take your crystal.
Put it in your belly button.
Or hold it in your hand.
And allow whatever emotions
want to come forward to come forward. 

You are in sacred space.
You are in Holy space. You are You.

Feel the presence.
Feel the prescience.
And allow and allow and allow.

Bathe for as long as you like. 

Ask questions of the Universe if you like.

Play completely different kinds of music if you like.

Just keep anything electrical away from the water.
That’s a different kind of holy that we don’t need to access today.

Bless the waters.
Bless your Celestial connections.
And allow yourself to marvel at the information
that comes in in your dreams or in the next few days.
You are a priestess of the waters. Not even a doubt about it.

~ And so it is. ~

Happy Friday 13th. Reclaim the magic in your own consciousness, set the intention to receive, and watch as the beauty flows forth.


The above recipe is the very magical Celestial Salts recipe that I created for our Celestial Journeyers.

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