7OM Ritual Hack: Sacred Bathing

7OM RITUAL HACK: Sacred Bathing

You Will Need: 
Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt,
Epson Salts, Lavender, Rosehips, Hibiscus

Essential Oils: 
Frankincense, Myrrh, Geranium, Rose

One or All Of The Following Crystals: 
Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst


Light a candle.
Play some music.
Like, actually really do it.
I love love love this piece:
It’s a song to the divine mother healing waters
and holy mother of heaven. 

You can either blend the salts and oils and florals together in advance - that’s its own beautiful ceremony — or take them individually and add them to the tub as the waters are running. Add two drops of each essential oil, and one scoop for each salt. Be ceremonial about this. invite in the vibration of reverence. Slow down. Even if you feel anxious at the prospect of slowing down, just do it anyway — the deliciousness doesn’t always come during the experience of ritual, particularly if you’re used to moving very fast. But it will come. And it will nourish you. And it will bring in the magic. 

Add the ingredients.
Luxuriate in the music.
Or feel anxious with the slow pace -
it doesn’t matter :)
Just allow yourself to follow it anyways. 

Then immerse in the sacred waters.
Bless them with your presence.
You can speak something aloud,
but you don’t have to.
Your simple willingness to do this ritual is enough.

Get in the Water. 

Take your crystal.
Put it in your belly button.
Or hold it in your hand.
And allow whatever emotions
want to come forward to come forward. 

You are in sacred space.
You are in Holy space. You are You.

Feel the presence.
Feel the prescience.
And allow and allow and allow.

Bathe for as long as you like. 

Ask questions of the Universe if you like.

Play completely different kinds of music if you like.

Just keep anything electrical away from the water.
That’s a different kind of holy that we don’t need to access today.

Bless the waters.
Bless your Celestial connections.
And allow yourself to marvel at the information
that comes in in your dreams or in the next few days.
You are a priestess of the waters. Not even a doubt about it.

~ And so it is. ~


The above recipe is the very magical Celestial Salts recipe that I created for our Celestial Journeyers. We don’t currently sell them individually, but if you are desperate for your your own bottle of magic, simply join us on the November Celestial Journey — every participant receives a bottle hand blended and blessed by me and the Pleaides, and holy mother of magic, people literally see sparkle dust rising from the waters. 


What a Gift. 

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