Give The Gift Of The 7OM Journey + The Power of Asking...

A couple of days before we began the Summer 7OM Journey of Illumination, my friend Billy, a conscious entrepreneur from Toronto who has just opened the most exquisite boutique hotel in Crete called Theodore Boutique Hotel contacted me to say that the timing wasn't right for her to do the Journey yet but could she gift the experience to a friend of hers who she knew would love it?

Of course I said Yes. And as the weeks went on, to see the ways in which this one particular gift infused so much beauty in all our worlds was in fact a gift in itself. I felt gifted by the support of my offering, Erika, who was the recipient of the gift, felt gifted by her beautiful experiences during the Journey. And Billy, as you will see, felt profoundly gifted by her witnessing of the experiences as they unfolded. 

On the last day of the Journey, Erika, who also just happened to be the first person to complete the full Journey, posted the following unsolicited share in the private 7OM Temple space on Facebook: 

"The final ritual was incredible! When I imagined my flowery crown filled with twigs and leaves followed by Nicola singing I felt like I was coming into my power and these enormous wings emerged from my back and opened completely! It was surreal. The other special thing I wanted to share was a gift that my Dad gave me on the way out of the Temple. When we were asked to imagine an attendant or a person (living or spirit) I immediately thought of my Dad who passed away when I was a little girl. When I put my hand out for my final gift, he turned his palm up and a rainbow sprung from it. The end of the rainbow landed on my palm connecting us. A I began to walk out of the Temple, the rainbow flattened and then just continued to spread infinitely following me the entire way back to my own body. Once the ritual was complete and I opened my eyes I looked at my palm, flipped it over and saw my engagement swirling with the colors of my rainbow. It was emotional for me (in a good way.) Thank you so much Nicola for putting this journey together - it has touched my life in ways I couldn't imagine.💕"

I was so moved by Erika's words. I have had my own journey to creating this offering, and when we feel the inspiration to create something, we are often going on trust and faith; we put an insane amount of energy and personal finance into these creations without ever knowing what effect they might have. So for me personally, in tangible form, I was gifted the blessing of witnessing the ways in which important gifts are being received by those doing the 7OM Journey. 

Much of the magic that I have witnessed on this Journey together has gone down in the private Facebook group, so I asked Erika if I could share her words publicly. She said an emphatic Yes and I posted her words under a sweet picture of a twig and flower crown on the 7OM instagram

That night, I received a Facebook message from Billy, written while she was on the tarmac waiting to fly back to Toronto from Chania. It seems that our final day of the 7OM Journey aligned perfectly with her final day opening the Theodore, and she was now sitting on the plane to return home where she had just read Erika's very beautiful words on my instagram.

Billy said she had tears rolling down her face reading Erika's sharing. 

But that wasn't all. Billy said that when she scrolled one picture down on her instagram feed, directly under the 7OM post with Erika's sharing about the rainbow that came from her dad she was greeted with the following image and the tears flowed and flowed just a little bit extra:

I don't really have words for the majesty when I saw this image and its proximity to my post. I felt the tears bubble behind my nose and I had literal chills rolling through my whole body. It's a familiar sensation that viscerally flows through my legs, and I can't almost express what I feel in my heart. Gratitude, Love, Remembrance, Awe, Grace. Calm. All of the above. Knowing hand on heart that we are part of a bigger picture, and one that we can relax into with our whole Beings. This is why we came. This is why we came. 

Why am I telling you all this? Because the whole experience of this communal gift inspired a thought in me. If the three of us received so much benefit from this gorgeous act of generosity, who else could benefit or might like to engage in a similar act of kindness? 

We are about to start the second 7OM group Journey of Illumination on September 13th and right now, there are quite a few people who would like to take part in it but don't have the means to do so. Some are struggling. Some are dealing with cancer, loss, divorce; some are young people feeling disconnected and lost and looking for inspiration, and some are just great people who feel the calling but don't have the budget. 

I don't believe its our job to save anyone from anything. We will all find our way. But I do relish in the joy of gifting. It makes my heart sing and soar and I do it as often as I am able. And I would like to offer an invitation and ask you to join me in this gift.  

So, if you would like to help bring some magic and beauty into someone else's life, while also supporting and helping to spread the very particular magic that I spread, please join me in collectively gifting a few specific individuals the opportunity take this next 7OM Journey of Illumination.

Gifting a whole place is a big gift, and I believe in the power of little gifts coming together, so I have set up a gofundme page where we can donate any amount. It can be anonymous if you like, and every time we hit $297, together we will gift a new place for free on the 7 Week 7OM Journey of Illumination to one individual on the list. I have witnessed firsthand how exquisitely beautiful and magical this 7OM Journey is, I feel incredibly proud of it, and the more people who get to experience it, the more I rejoice. 

Logistically, this isn't a non-profit, so there won't be any tax deductible stuff going down. But if you feel the calling, you'll receive something more exquisite than tax deductions anyway. You'll receive the beauty and the bounty and the energetic blessings that come from gifting a tangible gift. 

And in the way that words are so very powerful, anyone who receives a gift of the 7OM Journey will be invited to write a letter of gratitude at the end to share about their experience. In the Spirit of no strings attached, it won't be compulsory, but my sense as I witness the magic of this past Journey, is that those taking the Journey a a result of someone else's generosity will be wanting to write it. 

And fear not, I a, the founding member of the 7OM gifting department. I gifted 4 Journey to the last Journey and I will be gifting 4 full Journeys to this one too. Every one taking part on the Journey gets some level of personal attention and feedback from me, so it's a real gift. But my dream is to gift more. My goal is 10, but even 1 or two would be sensational.  

So, if you would like to join me in this dream, my heart is so very grateful.

As I know our recipients' will be, and who will in turn, when they have completed the Journey, be ready to gift some of their magic out into the world. Because an Illuminated Being is a gift to every single person who crosses their path. I say that from personal experience, and from hearing from and seeing those who just completed this Summer Journey.

There is a very distinctive and literal glow that emanates from people who take this Journey and diligently complete it. It is literally discernible to people's eyes. This glow is living life-force energy, and it does not simply stay with the person in which it lives, it becomes an energetic frequency that gets gifted on and on and on. There are many ways to heal the planet. This is a very tangible one. One person at a time. From the inside out. I feel proud and honored to be part of this equation.  

Please reach out to me with any questions. And if you would like to gift the Journey of Illumination to someone you know rather than the group fund, you may purchase it for them here and just include their email address and their name in the pertinent sections. Or if you want it to be a surprise, drop me a line with the email address and the name of the person you are gifting it to and I will reach out and let them know they have been gifted. Secret Santa in September. Hurrah!

Sending so much love to all. I am grateful to the technology and the online communities that allows us to connect in this way. Like all things, it is the consciousness with which we engage with our tools that determines the place they hold in our lives. And I have found, again and again, that technology and social media is responsible for much much magic in the world. 

And as a Thank You for your gift, I would like to gift you a 7OM guided Journey meditation in return. Please email me after you've made your contribution and I will send you a special free code. 

Let the gift giving begin! 

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