A Glorious Completion to a Glorious Journey...

Just 5 of the 40 beautiful Souls who took part in the first ever 7 Week online group 7OM Journey of Illumination this past 7 weeks, convening in person for the first time in my garden in Ojai, with our magical private 7OM Journals. 

Just 5 of the 40 beautiful Souls who took part in the first ever 7 Week online group 7OM Journey of Illumination this past 7 weeks, convening in person for the first time in my garden in Ojai, with our magical private 7OM Journals. 

This weekend we finished the first ever group 7OM Journey of Illumination. It was powerful and beautiful and heartfelt and heart-opening and filled with community and serendipity and authentically expressed truth. The actual 7 week 7OM Journey takes the form of daily writing prompts that appear in your inbox every day that you complete in a personal journal, and then a weekly guided audio meditation journey and ritual that you complete in your own time. A few people chose just to experience it solo, but more than 30 chose to be part of the 7OM Temple Space on Facebook, a private group that I created for us to keep each other accountable, for me to share extra tips and videos, for people to post pictures or thoughts or stories of serendipity and a place for people to get personal feedback from me in a group setting. 

It was a place of pure Joy. A space of authenticity and magic. Sometimes the realms of serendipity and magic and miracles can be seen as all woo, as pollyanna's favorite space to hang, as nothing more than rainbows and fairies and the celebration of hearts. So so many hearts. But that's not the case. The magic happens when we feel safe to articulate and share honestly and authentically, and my heart is filled with gratitude that the brave beauties on this first Journey, men and women alike, allowed themselves to be courageous and share honestly and authentically in a group setting. I will of course keep the promise that anything that was shared in the group remain fully confidential and allude to no specifics, but I will say that when people showed up and shared truthful fears or sharings about where they were at, that we were often all witness to some pretty major serendipities within hours or days. This is the power and the beauty of the experience. We show up in our truth and the magic begins. 

I also want to speak to my own experience of setting up the group in the hopes that it will ignite something in you that you have been dreaming of and perhaps have been scared to initiate. I have felt the calling to do a group experience for the 7OM Journey since creating it in the Spring of 2015. i knew that 7 weeks is a good chunk of time and that transformation and illumination and committing to our dreams needs a little real-time real-life stewardship. And it made complete and utter sense to do that in the form of a private Facebook group. And I was also excited at the notion of doing so - it meant that I got to witness and bear witness to the serendipities and the epiphanies that were coming forward for people, rather than just having people randomly text me or email me with something profound. 

But....I didn't set it up or offer it for the first year of 7OM's existence....because I was scared. I was scared that no-one would sign up to do it, or even worse, that only 2 or 3 people would sign up to do it and we would have a very very small group and all 2 people in the group would know how small it was, and I would be well and truly mortified. 

But then as always is the case, a funny thing happens: You get to a point in your dreams that you know that you have to run the risk of looking like a fool and do it anyway because to not do it feels worse. So so so much worse. And I have to thank my beautiful friend Katie Brockhurst for the final kick up the behind that kicked this into action. Katie runs social media for some of the most popular writers for Hay House, and runs an amazing offering called Social Media Angel Summer School. We were friends from University in England eons ago, I had directed her in the Diary of Anne Frank no less, and somehow a year and a half ago, after over a decade of almost no contact, we reconnected on Facebook thanks to a picture of an orb and a mutual love of Authenticity, and became super super close pals. 

Katie had completed the 7OM Journey last year personally and told me straight out that I needed to run a group experience with a private Facebook group, where I would share videos and feedback etc. I knew it was true but honestly, I wanted to vomit when I thought about it. Videos. Ugh. The horror. Facebook Live? Oh my goodness, where could I shoot myself?

Then one afternoon when I was traveling in London earlier this Spring, meetings were cancelled, plans shifted, and we were miraculously and spontaneously free at the same moment. We had lunch at the Botanist in Sloane Square, which is a living visual love letter to alchemy and plantlike, and in a moments conversation, with the promise that no-one outside her and I would ever have to see it, Katie created a private Facebook group for me, right there over her cesar salad. We decided together that it would be called the 7OM Temple. And just like that it existed. That night, I wrote a poem in the 7OM Temple to set the tone of the space, and promptly almost deleted it. "Stop being so pretentious. Your words are cheesy. " my brain told me. Or the popular refrain that I have heard inside my own psyche many times: "No-one cares, Nicola." Ouch. 

But I am now a little more used to understanding where those refrains are coming from and I allow myself to sit through the discomfort, so I left it up. No-one outside of Katie or I even knew the group existed anyways. 

 Fast forward three months, and the 7OM temple space remained a little group that only Katie and I knew about that I didn't update. But it was there. It existed. And like they say, build it and they will come, a whole host of events and moments occurred that fueled the group experience. I met a woman at a summer garden party in LA who booked a private guidance session with me over the phone, and told me that she felt the calling to apprentice with me.

I told her I didn't offer apprenticeships and she said she felt quite clearly that there were things that she was supposed to learn from me. I was fascinated by her hunch but adamant that I had no space for apprentices. After all, how do you teach what seems to just come through intuitively? How do you teach Intuition, I wondered?

Then a few days later, I was asked by my good friend, Stephanie Watanabe, the editor of The Girl Who Knows, to host a full moon ritual at her home in LA for some of her besties to honor her and her man's imminent move to Brooklyn. And suddenly it all just fell into place. I had an epiphany. The 7 week Journey of Illumination that was already up and running is my form of apprenticeship. Of course. Its how I teach experientially the magic and the beauty that is available to us when we slow down and tune in, ask pertinent questions, get out our pens, and engage in the kinds of guided meditation Journeys and rituals that are so lovely and elegant and simple that when we realize how much they can literally shift our lives, we giggle.

And we are supposed to giggle. Because as I often say, the Universe has a sense of humor. It's not supposed to be so hard. We don't need to punish ourselves, gruel ourselves, pull ourselves through the mud for years and years and years in order to deserve and experience magical life. It's actually a lot simpler that we make it. And after years of discovery and exploration myself, I had ben gifted with some of the knowledge. And I had already created the program. I already had a 7 week apprenticeship in magic and miracles and serendipity and intuition and authenticity already to go. People had been experiencing it individually, but I could feel that I was ready to lead an actual group in the experience.  

And so, without knowing if there would be more than 2 or 3 people, I took the leap. One week before the Journey was to begin (A beautiful self-sabotage tactic that many creative entrepreneurs will engage in is to leave announcement till very late in the day so that we can blame it on a lack of advanced notice and don't have to take full responsibility if things are not a great success!!) I posted on Facebook and sent an email out to say I would be offering a group Journey of Illumination. The group Journey would begin four days before that full moon, which aligned perfectly with the first guided meditation and ritual, and I would trust that whomever was supposed to be on the Journey would appear. And appear they did. In the most serendipitous and hilarious ways.

Two people who didn't know each other from Berlin found it and signed up - one was an old friend Noah from my Stellar Network New York film days, who again I had not been in contact with for almost a decade. And the second was a beautiful woman called Ozge, a young mother and an academic with a phd, who I presumed found 7OM through Noah, but in fact didn't know him. Instead, it seems she had had had a dream relating to the Pleiades, the constellation with which I am shamanically trained to connect and work with, and then the next day she saw a post on our mutual friend Madeline Gile's instagram relating to me and the Pleiaides. She followed the thread to my instagram and saw the information about the group 7OM Journey and signed up immediately. 

Another beautiful Soul who is from Switzerland also signed up. It blew my mind honestly, considering I had not even pretended to market this thing, so I asked how she found it, and it seems that on Facebook a couple of days earlier, I had seen two people engaging in a conversation that could have become quite hostile, and I was so taken by their ability to diffuse it, that I commented how inspired I was to witness. My comment was most likely all of fifteen words or so. And somehow this beautiful Swiss Soul had read my comment, was herself inspired by my words, went to my personal Facebook page and saw the 7 week 7OM Journey and signed up immediately. She didn't comment on anything. She simply followed the link and signed up. This is how the magic happens. This is serendipity in action. We do not comment on threads in order to get people to join our programs, but those who are supposed to do them, will find their way. It's so crazily clear. 

I was particularly taken by this because my incredible branding designer Sebastian, who along with his creative partner Asher of Verseau are responsible for the beauty of the aesthetic that is 7OM, also happens to be Swiss, living in LA. And after nine months of working on this website with me, and never quite having the time to do any of the guided meditation Journeys that I had desperately sent their way and pushed and nudged them to do, both Sebastian and Asher suddenly also felt a profound calling to do the complete 7 week Journey with me. And not only that, a few days after the Journey began, both Sebastian and Asher hopped on a plane and left for Switzerland for the Summer.

So we had a male and female presence in Berlin, and a male and female presence in Switzerland for the duration of the Journey. None of whom knew each other. All of whom were doing this first round of the 7OM Journey of Illumination. Did I mention that Sebastian and Asher would be staying at the foot of Mount Pleiades, and that the last Guided Meditation fell on their last day in Switzerland, and so they completed the Journey to the Temple of Illumination in the Pleiades at the foot of Mt. Pleiades before returning to NY and LA last week? Did I know that Mount Pleiades even existed in Switzerland? No, I did not. But am I remotely surprised? No. Tickled, Yes. Surprised, No. 

And I am humbled by all of it. There is much magic afoot. And what became abundantly clear to those taking part on this first Journey is that you really just have to say Yes in order for it flow in. The guided meditation Journeys are effortless. You simply lie on your bed and let me talk you through visualizations. The rituals are sublime and the daily writing prompts are like a nectar to our Souls. Can it really be this easy? The answers is Yes. When we allow it to be. 

The 2nd inaugural 7OM Journey begins with the first writing prompt, Tuesday September 13th 2016 and registration is open for those who still wish to join us until September 18th. But the most beautiful thing of all is that I don't have to try and persuade you to sign up. I don't have to try and market anything to anyone. I certainly don't have to pretend that I just have two spots left. Because what is so profoundly clear from the ways that the first 40 Souls found their way to this group experience and the way that people are already finding their way to the second group experience is that their intuition is guiding them here. You've already signed up. In some dimension of reality, we've already agreed to do this together. A couple of people have signed up and expressed to me that they have no idea what they are actually signing up for per se, but they just felt compelled to. So if this resonates with you too, you can sign up right here and very soon it will all become beautifully clear. 

With so much love on this magical adventure called Life,

PS: And those magical hearts of which we speak? They often turn up in food. And honestly to goodness, the ladies in the picture above as my witness, this heart appeared in the watermelon, perfectly formed. I did not cut it. It simply fell off the rind like this. Like I say a million times a day, you truly cannot make this stuff up!




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