Freshness. Change. Preparation.

Freshness. Change. Preparation. 

These are the words of the month as we come to the end of this year of years. Can you feel them? Can you feel it?

There’s a freshness brewing and big change coming. This is the theme of this moment. 

In many ways, we are still in prep mode, but you will likely have felt that the wheels are starting to turn and to turn and to turn. Things are moving. Signs are showing themselves. Even if the specifics are not here yet, there is a deep Soul sigh of relief coming through. There is reason to the seeming madness. There is a bigger picture at play. 

And hear this: As we begin the process of approaching 2019, tune in — whatever feels like drudgery is not the Way. 

We beat ourselves up and we tell ourselves often that consistency is the power and the foundation for deliciousness and success. And in many ways that’s true. But we are being shown and we are showing ourselves right now that if at its core it feels drudgery to us, it is not the way. 

There is a shamanic principle that is actually getting stronger as the energies line up even more, that talks about the notion of Joy and doing things from your Heart. And they teach us not to ever do anything simply for the money. As a society, many of us scoff at that notion — how ludicrous we say. If we didn’t do things for the money, we wouldn’t work, and if we didn’t work, we wouldn’t be able to pay for our kids or our houses or put food on the table. And still the shamans say, never do anything simply for the money. And they go one step further. And they say when you do something simply for the money, that money will never stay. The washing machine will break, you will get a speeding ticket racing to the job you hate. When money is the primary reason for an undertaking, the shamans say, that money goes out as quickly as it came in. 

So, look at your life. If there is an area that you are holding onto something that is clearly passed its sell by date, if you are doing it only for the financial exchange it is brining in, this is your moment to be brave and to consider what an alternative might look like. You don’t have to make any decisions now. And this certainly isn’t Nicola telling you to be irresponsible and jump ship completely. But the shamans understand energy and energy is the basis of this whole Universe. And this Universe is speaking to you and through you in real time. So start asking.

Get out your journal if it’s been a while.

Where should I go? What should I do? What are the areas in my life that I’ve been holding onto out of fear? What is next? What would bring me true Joy in this space?

And see what comes forth. 

Bravery isn’t another word for being irresponsible and entitled and then blaming the Universe when something doesn’t work out. Bravery is the courage to listen to the nudges that have been pushing your Soul from the inside out. You already know what they are. You know what that one nudge is. Right here, right now. You already know. And know this too — you are held. You are supported,. You are loved. 

Take a breath. There is no hurry. But if you watch the energetic spheres, you will see how many see-ers and oracles and energy peeps are getting the same message. 2018 was an unearthing. A digging deep. A solitary experience in many ways. A place and a time where you stopped running, where you released many habits of avoidance and where you allowed it to simply be. And once we enter this zone, even when it feels like a Void and a nothingness, and even a failing, once we enter this zone and allow ourselves to Be in it….from there the true Spring comes and the waters flow. And that’s where we are approaching. A deep and marvel inducing sense of Flow. 

Many people are fatigued right now. There’s a sense of not even daring to hope that 2019 will bring good things. But it will. You will see and feel a lightness coming through. And dreams made manifest. Because you have sat with yourself, you have entered the realms of your shadow, and you have held your own hand in ways that you previously hadn’t allowed yourself to do. You have over the past few years discovered the secret key to so much of this magic and it’s the gentleness and the love that you have allowed yourself to feel for the little one that lives inside your own heart. You have learned to love the scared little you inside, and in doing so you have allowed your heart to open more and more to receiving the love of this entire Universe. This is how it happens. From the inside out. This is why we are reprogramming all the places that we have told ourselves we need to prove or be deserving of love or social acceptance. We are learning a love that transcends it all. And it is worth everything. 

Continue to dance with this in the coming months. Continue to dance with your little one inside. Continue to take their hands when they are scared. However old you are. Whether you are male or female. Take the little hand that lives inside your own consciousness. Continue to invite in silliness and play. Allow their curiosity to be your curiosity. Allow yourself to drive a different route to the supermarket. Allow your little one space to be. And then watch as the lightness gets brighter and more beautiful. 

Happy almost end of the year. Here’s to the shifts and changes that are to come. May they light the way back to your own heart. My prediction for 2019 is that they surely shall. 

Love Nicola XOXO 

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