7OM Journey Week 4 | Love Love Love & The Star of the Heart

This week on the 7OM Journey, we are connecting to the Frequency of Love.

What we are talking about here is True Love, the kind of Love that is the basis for everything and a frequency that becomes a way of Being when we attune to it. And from here all the magic in all the worlds spring forward. This might unfold to being a romantic partnership we would like to step into or bring into our lives, it might be an infusing of beauty and newness into a relationship we are already in. It might simply be a way of engaging with everyone we come into connection with. It really doesn't matter. The basic notion and knowing is that Love is a frequency, a Way of Being, and when we live from it, we receive it again and again and again in whichever forms we desire. So, join me and bathe in this Love. It is available to us in any given moment, regardless of circumstance, and it springs eternal!

It's a very peaceful and tender Journey and perfect to do before you fall asleep. 

With So So Much Love To You. 
From my Heart to Yours,

PS: Within moments of sharing this with the 7OM Journeyers, I ended up part of the most miraculous story relating to the theme of Love. I've posted a full blog post about it since, but never ever doubt the magic available to us when we attune to the frequency of the Heart. We can literally move mountains. I am continually so in awe of the way my own Journey is aligning so exquisitely with the themes of the 7OM Celestial Journey that we are taking together. Just sublime!


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