7OM Journey Week 6 | Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration in....Giverny

I am truly blown away by the sublime serendipity of this 7OM Journey. First the fly in the Abundance video and it's spirit animal message, then engaging in one of the most incredible mini miracles helping Gus and Jessie get to their wedding on time on the night of the night of the Love Guided Meditation Journey and now on the day of the video for Inspiration and Intuition and creative Sacred Space, I am in Giverny in France at the home and gardens of Claude Monet. 

A huge part of the process of connecting to magic and to serendipity and miracles in your lives involves, I have found, going for spontaneous, responsibility free strolls. We literally just stroll wherever we are and we allow our Souls and our psyches to attune to the frequency of nature and of appreciation. Engaging and communing with trees and flowers is one of my number 1 keys to creating a magical life, so I am completely blown away to find myself in one of the places in the world known so clearly for it's magic and inspiration Light and Spaciousness. 

As we know, I tune into spaces and to their energy constantly, and I don't think I have ever been anywhere in my life that radiates the frequency and the quality of Heaven on Earth quite like Monet's garden. The light is literally different there. You look at the flowers and the grasses and the gardens and it looks like a Monet painting. It's just breathtaking to witness. And it makes so much sense. So so so much sense.

I feel humbled for the bigger picture unfolding at play and so grateful to be on this Journey together. And I urge you, if you haven't already, to take yourself out for a nature walk. It can be just around your houses if there are a few flowers here and there. It is free, it takes less than twenty minutes a day, and it will change your life. Of that, you have my word. 

With love from Paris,

Nicola XO

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