We got Gus and Jessie to their Wedding!!

Click above to read GMA's coverage of our miracle story!

Click above to read GMA's coverage of our miracle story!

On the very night that those on the 7OM Summer Journey of Illumination with me were enjoying the guided journey meditation for Love, I was sitting in my garden, about to go to bed, thinking about packing for my European trip, when I stumbled upon an SOS post by a woman called Jessie Caballero, an LA based photographer who had recently become a Facebook pal, saying that she and her fiancé were on their way to their wedding in Seattle, and their car had broken down in rather terrifying circumstances and they were now stuck in their trailer in a car park in Nevada with absolutely no idea how they were going to get to their wedding on time. 

They had been lovingly building this trailer themselves for a year, with the plan of driving it to Seattle for their wedding, which was to be a private elopement in a Seattle forest, with a videographer and photographer, and that at a later date in November they would throw a big party with their families in Texas and screen the Ceremony.

Like I speak about a million times a day, there is a vibration to serendipity and to magic and to miracles, and the more we attune to it, the more we can recognize it and work with it. I don't know Jessie very well. I actually don't know her personally, but I really love her in the way you can love someone on Facebook that you've never ever met before, and the thought of her sitting in a trailer in a car park in Nevada weeping because she didn't know how they were going to make it to their own wedding was very moving. Particularly because, as a Spiritual Officiant, I know the sacredness of the few days leading up to such an important rite of passage. Plus, as someone who was trained by the BBC and worked on documentaries where magic always needs to happen at a moments notice, I have spent many hours connecting dots and seemingly making miracles in short periods of time. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt in my heart that there was a car company out there who would love nothing more than to save the day and get these two to their wedding on time. How we would get to them was another question. But the impulse and the knowing. was there. 

So I did what any person who is ruled by inspiration and belief would do, I told Jessie that if she gave me permission and I could access her photos, that I would set her up a go fund me page. At 10pm on Tuesday night, I called one of my besties, Rakesh Menon, who is just as crazy as me when it comes to this stuff, and he was at home looking after his father-in-law after an eye operation. So i raced round and we spent the next several hours putting the story together. I could literally feel the energy flowing through my fingers as I was typing - this is when you know magic is truly afoot. 

There was a lot of back and forth with Jessie and Gus, quite a few tears their end, both from the grief, and also from witnessing two people who don't even know them springing into action on their behalf, and reading their story through the words of another. 

When we were done, I emailed about 50 of my friends on Facebook who I thought could help spread the word. The truth is with magic and serendipity is that you do not know who will be the specific conduits for the magic to unfold, you just go with your gut, however silly it might seem.

The next morning I awoke to discover that Sophia Bush had shared the go fund me page with her 2.5 million followers on Instagram and later in the day we found out that thanks to the diligence of a few beautiful Angels, Audi was working on getting a Q7 to Jessie and Gus by that night. 

How did it happen? Magic. That is how it happened. In tangible terms, one of my 50 friends that I had sent it to, Bristol, was just happens to be genius behind Inner Astronauts, had posted the go fund me on her Facebook page and one of her friends had liked it, been inspired by it and commented that she wanted to help do what she could. This friend, who is so insanely humble that she doesn't even feel the need for her name to be mentioned in the subsequent press about it, has 10K instagram followers, and two of her besties regrammed it. One just happened to be Sophia Bush, and between them and their star power and their dedication that day, they persuaded Audi to come on board.

This is how it happens. Do you know what is equally amazing? My friend Bristol, who reposted the campaign only received one like and one comment for her reshare. But this one like was all we needed. This one like directly connected us to Sophia Bush. In a world where we often believe that we need thousands of likes on our posts and social media shares in order to matter, we are being reminded again an again that it is not about numbers, it is about intention. We do not need millions of dollars in the bank, we do not need millions of followers on social media, we just need to recognize the frequency of magic and do our part. The universe will do the rest.  

There are several more specific serendipities that arose during it. Q7 for a start: There are 7 stars in the Pleiades that we work with during the 7OM Journey and Star is "Q'oto" in the tradition I was connected to them through. So Q7 is really lingo for...the Pleiades.

But I am traveling in Europe and on my way to Bath and Paris shortly, so I am going to post this for posterity and will update with the fuller story when I can. For now, know that magic is possible, that miracles are more than possible, and that when we attune to our intuition and trust the greater good of the collective in which we live, we can quite literally move mountains. 

And Gus and Jessie got to their wedding and posted the most sublime pictures imaginable.  Like Shakespeare always says, and how I used to finish every French essay ever during my A-Levels: "Tout est bien qui finite bien." All's well that ends well, folks.And the notion that this all occurred the week of Love during 7OM and the very night that all the current Journeyers were doing their Guided Meditation Journey for Love just blows my heart wide open. This magic and this work is very very real. The only thing we need to do to allow it to flow through our lives is to say Yes. The Universe truly does the rest. 

Photo Credit: Benj Haisch

Photo Credit: Benj Haisch



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