Serendipity In Action. This is how it works...

Nine years ago after a play opening and a book deadline delivery on exactly the same day, in a state of creative exhaustion, I finally succumbed to my best friend Hannah's persuasion and left New York for two months to write by the Ocean in Los Angeles. I was in a Venice summer sublet that serendipitously ended up being two blocks to the ocean and a mere ten footsteps from my old family pals Shelley and Steph Altman's recording studio, Mophonics. Every morning I would wake up and walk the two blocks to the beach to get my morning coffee and I would marvel that this could be real life - that you could work during the day and see the Ocean and sun and sand all at the same time. For a Brit, this was truly mind boggling.

And every morning on this walk, I would pass this beautiful white little building with a balcony on the corner of pacific and Westminster, and I would stand at the light and gaze up at the little white fence. "What a perfect spot for a writer. "I would think." How dreamy would it be to live there! It's like if Elizabeth Gilbert had come to LA during her travels, she would live right here!" And it brought me so much Joy to look at it. I can literally remember the sensation. It reminded me of what was out there and what was possible. 

And then one day towards the end of my two months, I was walking past it with a guy I had met recently and he said "What could we do to keep you in Los Angeles?" And I spontaneously said "If I could live in that apartment, I would absolutely stay in Los Angeles!" 

And we giggled. And then the next day, I was looking on Craigslist for another sublet for a few weeks 'cos i wasn't quite ready to go back to Brooklyn, and there in all her glory, was a picture of that little white fence!!

It was late at night, about 2am in the morning, and I can remember lying in my bed gasping and looking around to see if everything still liked the same. I felt like perhaps I was in a parallel universe, and was wondering if I would actually be able to see magical presences. It was such a trip, I can remember almost not wanting to breath in case I would realize that this image had just been conjured by my own imagination. 

The next morning I raced to the management company with my application, a copy of my newly published book and pictures of me interviewing George Clooney in an attempt to prove that even though I was a freelance writer with absolutely nothing that came close to proving financial stability, that I was legit and 100% the person who was supposed to live there. 

I told them the full magical story and despite many many other applicants, I somehow got it. On the spot. Remembering at this point that I hadn't even been inside it yet!!! I can remember driving home to Venice on the 405 literally screaming out loud for a minute straight, there was so much energy running through me!

A week or so later, I was at a dinner party at my friend's Damian and AnnaMarie home and I met a lovely acting couple who were looking to move to New York. They ended up subletting my half of my Brooklyn apartment with absolute ease and grace for the following year while I confirmed that I wanted to stay in LA long-term, and then I went back for a few days, did a stoop sale, cleared my stuff and officially moved West.

But that's not even the end of this magical tale because the gal from Craigslist who had originally rented my room during the two months I was initially away, a lovely make up artist from San Francisco who I never met, ended up unintentionally introducing my then Brooklyn roommate to her first cousin who also lived in Brooklyn at a picnic in the park, and they are now MARRIED!

This is how I live. Or rather this is how I lived before I even consciously understood that this kind of living was a big part of my offering in the world. And this is why I can safely and firmly confirm that magic is a frequency and when you attune to it, the most beautifully bonkers serendipities flow and flow and flow. 

And if I have to put on the spiritual scientist cap and ask the whats whos and whys of that manifestation, this is what I know to be true: I did not sit and try and muscle the magic, I did not yearn and worry and beg anyone or anything to help make the magic happen, I just stood outside that apartment with the beautiful balcony again and again and again and I stood in the wonderment and the Joy of what it would feel like to live there. I allowed my imagination to play, I allowed the sensations of deliciousness and beauty to enter my Being and my Heart and then the magic took hold and unfolded from there. 

When I finally went inside to view the apartment - after my application had been accepted - I met the couple who lived there and discovered they were leaving because one of them had just got into school in another state. They loved it so much they said they never would have left otherwise. And this is how the magic happens and happens. We don't have to worry about the hows and whats and wheres, nor the machinations of anyone else's lives involves. When we come from positive and magical intention, everyone ends up precisely where they are supposed to be. 

I often tell people that even though I and those who love me, historically considered myself to be a rather indecisive person (ahem...) moving to California when I had no conscious intention to do so, was one of the simplest and easiest decisions of my life - far easier then choosing which toothpaste to buy in the supermarket. Because when it's right, it's right and when you are in the flow, there is just no denying it!

Thank you to the Facebook memory feature for the pictures of that magical pad and for this reminder of this magical beginning to my West Coast life, and thank you Craigslist and the powers that be for my beautiful Venice apartment. I lived there so happily for three years, serendipitously sharing a wall with Inner Astronauts Guru, Bristol Baughan, who along with another chance serendipity involving Hannah been asked to write a reference for the very same program by someone she worked with, are the combined reason and inspiration for me applying and completing my Masters in Spiritual Psychology last summer, and also my beautiful two references for my application. 

All to say ::: Everything comes full circle when you take a moment to stop and look at the Angels showing up as people in your life, and our only job is to follow the vibration and the frequency of serendipity. It will never lead us wrong.

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