July 22nd 2016 ~ The Love of the Divine Feminine is Flowing Through.


Today is the first ever feast day for Mary Magdalene, an energy that is pure divine feminine love. While the name Mary Magdalene is recognized as a character in the Christian bible, and this feast day is an honor bestowed by the Pope, her true and wider energy in fact transcends specific religions and manifests all over the planet in different and exquisite ways. She is one of the many embodiments of the Divine Feminine in action, her energy manifests as us and through us, and when you sit with someone who is attuned to this energy, you know it by the way you feel in their company. Compassion, Love and Open-Hearted Acceptance are its foundations. It's Mary Magdalene, it's Quan Yin, it's Miriam, it's Ama, it's Saraswati, it's all of the above. And it exists in men as well as women. It is you. And it is me. 

And today, in perfect alignment, the hearts showing up in my realms just have not stopped. I shook a plant with my hands that needed it's dead leaves to be released, and this is how they landed. I cooked some potatoes and on three different occasions, these hearts appeared without intention. 

Today is a feast day. There is much afoot. As ever. And we are being asked, amidst the chaos, to go inside, to remember and reconnect to the Love that is available to everyone of us. Our hearts have been closed for a long time and they are opening now, collectively and individually to a vibration of magic and majesty that is one for the story books. 

Allow this to be true and watch, just watch as the small miracles and nudges from the Universe and from this divine feminine energy continues to show up in tangible ways.


And while I am not a Christian, the fact that the Pope and the Catholic Church recognized Mary Magdalene with a Feast Day for the first time EVER today is a huge deal. For those who understand the way Mary M has been maligned in the Christian tradition, this is a beautiful reflection of all that is unfolding with regards to the Divine Feminine. And if you have an aversion to organized religion, I ask you to stay with me on this.

Like I said, Mary Magdalene is and was the embodiment of the Divine Feminine in walking form. The embodiment that in these times is now available to us all. And the embodiment that is the very reason that we engage in energetic alchemic practice - to embody our whole Selves and get to live and breath and taste the experience of Heaven on Earth. When our skin connects to our own skin, and in this very moment we can feel the sublime and delicious ecstasy of this breath, we know we are living in an embodied state.

Mary Magdalene lived in this State and she taught it, much as many of the high Priestesses of Isis (the real Isis. The goddess Isis) did back in the day. And yet in the biblical stories and in the traditions and the history of the Church, she was much maligned and relegated to a prostitute who was "healed" by Jesus. As you will discover as you read and research more if you are interested, this couldn't be further from the truth. They were equals. They were partners. They were lovers. And it feels quite clear that they were in fact husband and wife. But ask anyone in the Catholic tradition and they will tell you she was a Whore. This is a perfect example of the way the Patriarchy was so scared of the powers of the Divine Feminine that they quite literally wrote them out of history. 

But times are changing. We are waking up. And it is not an accident that today, that this year, that in this moment that the Pope decided to finally recognize Mary Magdalene with her own Feast Day. This is a high high honor within that discipline and whether you are comfortable with the notion of organized religion or not, and I understand fully why you might not be, it is a very positive and inspiring thing to see the awakening happening in all areas and all arenas. 

If you feel a calling to know more about Mary Magdalene and real tantric alchemy and the divine feminine, there is a beautiful beautiful book by Tom Kenyon called The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis. I highly recommend it. 

2019 POSTSCRIPT: The energy of the Sun is so central to this whole conversation, and it doesn’t feel accidental that our Summer Solstice transmission was in essence a healing of the realms of the Second Chakra and Sacred Sexuality. The theme is Allow Allow Allow. Water is a major aspect of it (And somewhat hilariously this was filmed with Lake Geneva in the background) and also includes writing prompts and an additional gift of our Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality. It takes place in the Pyramids in Egypt, with the Goddess Isis and Ra, and if you connect to the archetype of Egypt and the Priestesses particularly, this one is for you.

Lifetime access is available below, and I am constantly in awe of the way the Energies flow together it real time. Blessings on your beautiful journey!

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