A Sacred Star Song to heal the Higher Heart


In the kabalistic tradition, repeating melodies for healing are very common and known as niggunim. In the Shamanic tradition there are sacred sound transmissions that come through us from the stars. In the 7OM tradition, we call them Star Melodies. 

My intention is that they help to calm your nervous system, bring balance to your Being, and invite in the remembering and knowing of the beauty that is not only available to you, but is you. A lot of the world is suffering right now, and we could all use a little soothing. So whatever level of perception you wish to receive them with, this is my gift to you. 

This one came through last October when a good friend's mother was dying. It was a spontaneous recording in the moment and when it was complete, I knew immediately who it was for. I sent it to her and she listened to it in the bath on repeat as she allowed herself to be held.

A coupe of months ago, on the full moon, I was leading a private Journey to the Stars gathering at a private home and I had forgotten to bring my drum with me, which for those who know me is quite an impressive thing to forget. It is the very foundation of the Journeys that we take and it's like a guitarist singer-songwriter forgetting to take their guitar.

In the realms of there are no accidents, it was clear that what was being asked of me was a gentleness and to show up and share our voices authentically. For me, that meant singing without hiding behind my drum, and while it felt more vulnerable in the beginning, I was ultimately grateful for the opportunity. 

Half way through the Journey,  we were in a moment where an extra star melody was making its way through. I didn't know what it was but I could feel the resonance of it. This is how the Journeys go; I am a conduit for the magic and I listen and I watch and I share what I see, and I can always feel when I am doing so authentically rather than adhering to a specific script that has been planned. And as I opened my mouth, not knowing what would come through, this one made its way through my lungs. Had I had my drum, it would never have happened. It's just not a drumming song.

Fascinatingly, when we finished, I tried to recall what it was to share with someone, and I couldn't remember how it went and couldn't find it anywhere in my brain. Because these Sacred sounds live in our Hearts and not our Brains and they come through in the right moment. They come through when we connect to something that is greater than ourselves. 

The melody has continued to show up in my awareness the past few days. I have found myself singing it again and again and it feels very in alignment with what is currently unfolding on this Planet. Those on the current 7OM Journey are in the week of the Heart Star and are doing their guided Journey for Love and the Heart this weekend, so it feels particularly prescient. This is a melody to soothe the higher heart, a perfect companion as our Hearts are being attuned more and more to the vibration of Love and of Gentleness and of Compassion. 

There is much pain on the planet right now. And there is also much joy. So, whether you are suffering or rejoicing tonight, close your eyes for a moment, or a few moments, maybe lie down, maybe take a bath and let this 7 and half minute repeating sound caress your higher heart as it continues to open and to blossom and to bloom. 


Blessings on your Journey. Loving you so. 

And of course drop me a line if you have anything to share. 
I would love to hear from you.



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