Join Me On the Journey ~ 7.16.16


I've been posting on Facebook recently about the various moments of serendipity and magic I've experienced in my life, and people have been asking how to bring more of these moments into theirs. So it is, unsurprisingly, perfect timing that I am about to lead the 7OM Journey of Illumination beginning this Saturday, where you will get to tune into the cosmic frequencies of magic and wonder and joy that make this a way of Being. You cannot muscle magic, you have to allow it. And at some point, it becomes a way of Being so strong that you just bear witness to it, give thanks for it, and laugh and laugh and laugh. 

How does the 7OM Journey work?

From the comfort of your own home or your vacation spot, I'll be guiding you on weekly audio guided meditation journeys and sharing beautiful self-guided rituals to heighten the quotient of serendipity and magic and beauty in your life. The audio Journeys will land in your inbox on Tuesdays, and you can choose to experience them any day of the week. 

There are also daily writing prompts for you to do in the morning, and we will have a private digital space on Facebook where we will connect with a beautiful community of Serendipitous Souls, and share stories of the wonders that we will experience both individually and collectively during the Journey. Together we will make our lives and this world more serendipitous, more peaceful and more whole.

The timing feels so prescient for us to be taking this Journey together. This is an amazing time to be alive and also a very brave one. There is so much happening in the world,  and there is much chaos as we witness old energetic structures falling apart and ways of Being that are not of the highest vibration coming to the surface as we step further into this New Time.

In addition to our own dreams and desires for a beautiful, serendipity filled life, let's use this opportunity to seed our visions and our Dreams for this planet. So much is possible when we put our hearts and minds to it. And it all starts from the inside. 

I am excited to bear witness to all the magic and the beauty that will be unfolding this Summer.  I will also be offering a handful of private mentorship Journeys for anyone who wishes to dive deep into the realms of the sublime. And I will be both leading the Group on this adventure and also taking part because it's like a fine meal - who would create a beautiful, delicious dinner party and not want to take part themselves!

Lots of love, 

PS: And a wonderful testimonial from a prior Journey-er to give you a flavor of what is possible. The magic is real, people. The magic is real. 

"Nicola! I need to tell you how much I appreciate your 7-OM process. With your support, I trusted, I manifested and I wholeheartedly stepped into my greatness. I am an RN who has been a Stay at Home Mom for 29 years, and I had just completed a two years masters program in Spiritual Psychology when I began the 7 week 7OM Journey. I set the intention to do an additional year of study, and I needed to manifest a job in order to cover it financially. Through the 7-OM process, I have never felt so clear and so connected to my purpose. With your guidance, I asked for what I wanted and surrendered to the Universe that I would be provided with what I needed. Within 5 hours of doing the Abundance Meditation Journey and setting my intention to find a job, an old acquaintance in the field "serendipitously” texted me out of the blue. I asked them for a job and I am not exaggerating when I say they told me to show up the next day! Nicola, I was a Stay at Home Mom for 29 years! 
It’s been almost a year and I have never felt so powerful, open, trusting, filled with intimacy for my patients, knowing that I am supposed to be there, loving every minute of it. Every morning I do a little ritual of remembering that I have the ability to show up as the best “me” possible and I do. I also know that I’m there to shine and spread Divine Inspiration to everyone I encounter. Needless to say my days are amazing. Thank you for sharing your Divinity with me. I soaked you in and trusted in your knowing, giving me such power and knowing that I am here with a purpose. Thank you helping me discover for the clarity of knowing my path simply by surrendering and stepping through the doors that opened so effortlessly for me. I honestly can’t express with words the power I was able to access through you. Love and gratitude."
- Michelle Fabbri

And while it's beautiful and humbling to receive such beautiful feedback, and I receive it fully, it's also important to know that Michelle is the reason that she created and manifested what came into her life. I'm grateful to help be a conduit, as we all are for each other, but it was she that allowed this to come to be. And it will be you that will bring in all the magic into your life. Not from a place of pressure, not from a place of having to make things happen to prove that we are good enough. But because you will remember the truth of your existence - that you are a beautiful beautiful Being who came here to have fun and enjoy what it is to taste the Human experience. When we remember that, we gift ourselves and all the world around us an everything we could possibly hope for. This is why we came.