People of Britain: This is your Opportunity. People of America: This is your advanced warning.

Today is a surreal day in much of Europe. As most of us know by now, Brexiters won and England and the UK will be extracting themselves from the European Union. Almost 70% of young people voted to stay. People are distraught. "Fear has won over Love" they say and feel.

Anger is running riot. Blame is running riot. And there is absolutely a time for allowing grief and anger to come forward. Don't push it down and pretend it's not there. But also don't project your anger out entirely onto others as the reasons for these feelings. If you do that, you will miss the larger lesson and it will come round again and again until you are ready to receive it. 

So, what do we do? 

We feel the feelings. We allow them to be felt, however uncomfortable they feel in our psyches and our beings and our bodies. For this is ultimately how all discomfort transmutes - by allowing it to be witnessed and held.

And then what do we do? 

Then we listen. We listen to how and why this came about. To label half a population as racist bigots misses the larger opportunity. For sure racism exists, for sure racist tactics were used as propaganda. But why are we susceptible to this kind of propaganda?

Happy people tend to believe in themes of unity and belonging and support. Who are these millions of people that are so unhappy that they wish to make a choice that seems to have come from a place of such profound fear? What are their stories? What are their life experiences?

If we are not willing to look and to listen, we miss a vital vital opportunity, and we become complicit in the unravelling that we so deeply fear.

Because what is very clear from this vote is that there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions people in the UK who feel unheard, who feel uncared for, and who feel like the only way to show strength and to say that they matter is to stick it to the richies and to what they perceive to be bureaucrats in foreign lands telling them what to do. Shooting themselves in the foot most likely, but at some point you lose care. You become so desperate that you just don't care. 

The main tenet of the Remain campaign was that to leave Europe would be worse, that to leave would be dangerous, that to leave would cause recession and house pricing slumps.

Double negatives no longer work. People of the modern world are desperate to be inspired. 

They are desperate to be shown positive reasons for aligning with ideas and people and things. They are tired, they are sick, and they are tired of working in drudgery, and if we do not offer a better, more positive alternative, they will stick it to those lauding it over them as they just did. 

Use this as a wake up call, as an opportunity to do things profoundly differently. And America, heed this warning and be grateful for the advance notice.

People want to be inspired. They want to believe. They are tired, tired, tired of politics as usual, and they will stick it to you in a general election if you do not authentically and legitimately listen to them.

They understand and can feel the vibration of old political lip service and they are not interested nor assuaged by it any longer. They want to positively believe. In something. In someone. They want to believe that you care, that you care about them. Trump may be the biggest, most egotistica lier known to mankind, but in the minds of the fearful, he is speaking truth to a system that has screwed them, and for that he is their champion.  

So what's the silver lining?

And there is one if we are willing to see it and take it. The fact that there are alternatives now for those who feel so disenfranchised means the rest of us are pushed to actually listen to what ails them.

It's not enough to speak down with lip service to those who are suffering. They have another guy now. They have someone who is an alternative from politics as usual, and that means that politicians of usual can no longer ride the wave of lobbyists and special interests first, true people of the planet second.

There is an authenticity being asked now, a legitimate change being desired, and this hunger, this profound desire for change erupting in front of our very eyes, is one of the only things that will and can compete with the archaic forces of big money that have fundamentally influenced our political systems, and thus our lives.

Previously, the people were apathetic and demoralized. They didn't feel like they had an authentic avenue for expression. Now, as cycles go, they are angry and finding leaders willing to be a voice for that anger and that hurt, and while we may dismay at the extent to which this anger is being whipped up irrationally and immorally, and are seeing it projected out onto all the wrong people, we do ourselves a disservice if we refuse to listen to nor look at the root causes for this anger.

Labeling millions of people stupid or uneducated is in itself incredibly stupid, and essentially uneducated.  

Politicians and leaders will have to start listening to the People, really listening to the People. For otherwise, they will lose to the likes of Trump and Brexiters. And again, make no mistake about it, we will all have been responsible. 

So, we take responsibility for co-creating a world in which people feel this hopeless, this exhausted, and then we work out how to shift it. And then we go to work. We go to work on tangible levels on the ground.

This is what it is to be the change. Let's be the change. 


Despair not. Know, truly know that ultimately the future is very Bright.

How do we know this? Because since 2012, we have been stepping into a time of the Divine Feminine making its way into this Planet after thousands of years of masculine domination. And while this is not about vilifying the masculine, it's about knowing that we were a planet out of balance.

All good eco-systems and spiritual systems need a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine. Our political systems and our corporations and those who ran these countries and this world were very steeped in an imbalanced masculine. As the feminine continues to come in and to come in and to take root, there will be wobbles. There will be those who will hold on to old ways of thinking and being in the world that no longer serve any of us. There will be the who will be scared. And there will be those who will act out.

But know this also to be true:

Ultimately, ultimately, there is a New Earth forming, and at this point, energetically, there is pretty much nothing that humans filled with fear can do to stop it. We are waking up. Structures are breaking down. Light is literally pouring in. And the children are coming into this planet with a Knowing that is very different from their parents and their grandparents and their great-grandparents, and they will and they are continuing to create a world that we dream of.

Let's do what we can to help them. And let's start by Listening instead of vilifying. It's the fundamental tenet to every healthy and thriving relationship, and despite what some of the more militant Brexiters might believe on the surface, none of us can do this alone. 

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