Felix came to install a light and a fan in my cottage today.

I offered Felix a cup of tea.

Felix said he hadn't had a cup of tea in years. But when he was a kid in Boston, his mum used to make him English tea with milk and sugar all the time. And for fun he would take a premium cracker and spread butter on it and dip it in his tea and it was crazy delicious.

And it brought back nice memories, so yes, he would love a cup of tea.

Felix then told me, unsolicited, many many things that unfolded from this cup of tea • that he was a man of habit and hadn't drunk tea for years because coffee just became his habit. He told me about the trauma of his girlfriend of eight years passing away six months ago, how grateful he is for his daughter and her brother and her brother's kids, and how he'd like to change a few old habits and that in some way that felt connected to being able to look for love again.

He told me about his tomatoes he grows in his garden and how the gofers attack them, and when I said ask the fairies to bring protection to them, he misheard and asked me where to buy some. When I explained I had said fairies, yes fairies, Felix proceeded to tell me that he is certain that he has a fairy godmother, who his son laughs about, but who is very very real.

He went on to tell me about how he and his son were on a roof together doing electrical work in the middle of nowhere and they realized they needed some conduits, (such a perfect word) and that his son was getting stressed -there was was nowhere nearby to purchase them and they couldn't complete the job without them.

Felix asked his fairy godmother to help them out. His son scoffed and said they needed tangible help as this wasn't time for tomfoolery (my word not his.) Felix then went down into the house and felt the urge to look inside a closet. Inside there were three perfect conduits. From the way they were assembled he guessed that a gardener had used them once as a kind of extension rod. He took them back up to the roof, gave them to his son who was dumbfounded and laughed out loud.

Felix said his kids often thinks he's nuts and sometimes he does too, but in his heart he knows that his his fairy godmother is real.

I told him I did too.

Particularly because I had a teapot recently gifted to me (thanks Shabby Daei!!) that I could feel was for someone else, even though I loved it. And last night, for reasons unknown to me at the time, I took it from the kitchen and placed it by the front door.

When Felix left today, I gifted him the teapot with the direct order that he had to make more tea and buy some premium crackers. He just texted me to say it was in pride of place on his table and he loves it so.

A good day all round.

And a reminder that we literally don't have to venture very far to have a meaningful exchange.

This is what the Brits know and do so well::: offer someone a cup of tea and watch the magic that unfolds.

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