7OM Temple of Illumination 2016/2017 Year End Review Journal

Those who know me personally
know that I have never said this nor felt this before,
but this is very clearly the year of magic and miracles.

And while it seems to many that
this world is falling apart,
let me be one of the voices
to share that it is in many ways breaking open.

One of the crucial and beautiful opportunities
right now is to center ourselves in possibility and allow ourselves
to be vocal and expressive about what we want to see in the world, 
both in our own lives and the wider world around us. 

This is where Inspired Action comes from. 
This is where the support of the Universe comes from.
Because none of us can do this alone.

I've created you a special year end, year beginning journaling document
that will become an annual tradition in the 7OM Community. 

I've just shared it with members of the Temple Of Illumination. 
and I'd like to share it with you now as my gift. 

It's a very tangible exercise.

There are 7 short writing prompts relating to 2016
and 7 writing prompts relating to 2017.

My preference is that you print it and fill it out by hand
(there is magic that occurs energetically when our hands meet paper)
but you can also copy them out into a journal if you prefer.

I just ask that you don't read the document
before you sit down to actually fill it in. 

Take some time, light a candle,
tell any resistance to take a fifteen minute break
from making choices for you and sit down with me
and this document and allow yourself to fill it in. 

I have witnessed so much magic this past year in the lives of
those who have completed the full 7OM Celestial Journey with me,
and I hope you will trust my personal experiences and witnessing when I tell you
that the magic happens when you sit down and write. 

And if you have a yearning in your heart to bring something into your life this year, or you want to experience something specific in this year, give yourself this gift right now.

Feel free to do it tonight, tomorrow or some time in the next few days. 
I would counsel you to have it completed by next weekend. 

Your future Self will thank you.
In fact, they already just did. 


Please feel free to share this with others. 
And let me know how it goes. 

And if you want to taste more of the 7OM magic,
join us on the next round of The Celestial Journey. 
We take flight January 7th
and the group is decidedly Avalonian. 

I am so grateful to be on this Journey with you. 
And I toast to us and the stars above and the cosmic connections
that light and guide our way.

May it be a year of magic and miracles for all! 

With infinite Love,

nicola behrmanComment