What Now? a Time To Awaken And Connect.

Right now there is pain and anguish and anxiety and all the multitude of feelings that are arising. And I hesitate to share anything beyond that for now. But people are facebook messaging and asking for answers, asking if there is a bigger picture at play. And there is. And it is this:

We are being shown and we are choosing to show ourselves one of the most powerful lessons of this new age on this planet, that we will either be able to learn from and use a a foundation to flourish, or we will wait and learn it at a later date.

This is the lesson that is being imparted: it is time to re-establish our power and learn how to lead on the ground. We have put power in the hands of our leaders to such a great degree that we have released our own. We have been sleep walking through much of life. We have not been witness to what is going on our doorsteps. We have not been taking real care of those in our communities who are suffering. And we are looking to a father or even a mother figure at the head of a government to make everything OK for us, which they cannot ever do on such a grand scale. Particularly when there are monied interests at play. But even without. It is too vast a task. 

The challenges of a Trump Pence partnership are real. I grimace when I hear the names Giuliani and Chris Christie and imagine them making decisions for this country. I am a white woman living in California so I have the luxury of just that - grimacing and cringing. There are many out there tonight, as we know, who have legitimate fear in their hearts and souls for what this means for them and their families.

But you know what? The work that needs to be done for the humans walking this planet is DEEP and tangible and real. It's deeper than anything that could have been solved if Hillary had become President. We would have cheered the very real success and gain of having a woman at the helm and then for the most part we would have gone back to sleep. 

This earth and these lands and this country does not have the time nor the space for us to go back to sleep. The status quo is not working. The fact that we are all still going about our days and not demanding and declaring a very fundamental new way of Being, one where the waters are honored, where STANDING ROCK is respected and protected, one where Black Lives Matter, shows us this. We petition Obama and we petition Clinton to do something about the harrowing situation on the ground in Standing Rock and nothing is happening. Nothing. 

But actually that's not true. Something is happening. People are gathering there, people are sending supplies, people are showing up, people are communing with the lands, people are providing for each other, experiencing sacred space together, cooking for each other, praying with each other. And loving each other. Deeply. 

You might not see it or know it yet because the media isn't showing you, but it is happening and it is of paramount importance. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, this darkness that threatens to descend is THE thing that we need in order to not go back to sleep to our bourgeois lives and our playdates. Perhaps we are asking ourselves to be bigger and better and more Loving. Perhaps our Souls are awakening in direct correlation to the awakening of this planet. Perhaps as we do so, there is massive massive shadow aspects that we need to collectively and individually heal. Perhaps this is the breaking open that this country needs. 

It was not my preference. I do not take this unfolding lightly. And yet, I can sense in the deep spaces of my Heart that there is a bigger picture at play. We are being invited to show up more authentically, more truthfully and more powerfully in our lives and in the lives of our communities. 

We are being asked and we are asking ourselves not to come home every night and just watch television until we fall asleep and get up for another day of the grind. And we are being shown quite beautifully that the hours and hours and the insane budgets that went into all the tv news pundits, all the shows, the majority of the news media was a complete and utterly shambles and waste of time. People spent months of their lives watching to see what mainstream media was sharing with them about this election. And they got it very very wrong. Michael Moore was out there predicting like the prophet he is precisely why Trump was going to win tonight. And it was exactly the reason why he did. And you know what will happen next in the realms of the mainstream media? They will spend more time and more money inviting pundits to their news studios, spend hours doing hair and make-up and whatnot, and they they will argue with each other and at some point they will possibly share what many already knew. 

If you were deeply shocked by what happened tonight, you are gifting yourself an invitation to make some different choices in your life, to open your eyes and tune in in a different way, and choose to stop receiving your information and media from the mainstream and go and spend time in nature and reconnect to the deeper knowing inside your own heart. You have access to a flow of information and knowledge that is cleaner and clearer and it is time to reclaim your power in this arena. Had more of us been awake to the bigger picture, we would not have had to collectively create this outcome as we all did. And make no mistake about it. We created this together. 

I didn't watch the election debates between Trump and Clinton but I did watch them unfold on face book and is was mesmerizing to see that almost every single person on my Facebook feed was giving all their attention to Trump. His name appeared again and again and again - during the second debate I literally didn't see one post referring to Hillary. It was all shock and awe at Trump's stupidity. But energy is energy and that which we focus on is what we bring into our realms. It is one of the most fundamental principles of energy and the media played into it. As did we. Every time we focused on him. Make no mistake about it. 

But we can also create a different reality. Even now. Even during the next four years. Even as we process whatever needs to be processed and healed relating to this. Even as we fear what might unfold.

How do I know? Because there is a much larger cosmic unfolding at play. And while it may not seem like it in this very moment, the trajectory of the vibration of this planet has risen and is continuing to rise. It is always darkest before the dawn. And there is no way of preventing this Dawn from coming. You can trust us on this. 

Ultimately, we are learning and remembering how to tangibly create the vibration of heaven on earth. We simply are. And however we get there is how we get there. Because whether we are comfortable with it or not, it is what's happening. The frequency of this planet is shifting. It is awakening. And we have known and we have been told for several years in the build up to this moment in time that there will come a time where realities will start to split, where those who consciously choose to do the work of awakening will start to experience a 5th dimensional life that is almost biblical in nature. Telepathy, serendipity, direct knowing, communion with angels and stars and light guides - this is all real and readily available to us. Every single one of us. 

For some it is too much to consider, and there is an attachment to the old way of 3d living that will prevent the stepping in. And we were shown and it was prophesied that the attachment to the older ways will likely cause profound discomfort, as we are now seeing. The political system as it stands in America is part of the old way of Being. It needs to shift so profoundly that even being a progressive or a democratic isn't enough any more. It is being broken open. 

This is a lot to process during a time where there is much shock and anguish and pain. Feel it all. But know, that as helpless as we may feel tonight, we collectively have the ability to choose to allow this to set us back or we have the choice to work out what it actually means to come together to create something different - regardless of who is in power. 

We cannot wait 8 years. And we cannot sit in the frequency of blame and declare half the country to be bigoted and racist and responsible for this heresy. It is far more complex than that. 

If the Bernie movement taught us anything, it is the absolute power of groups of people with authentic and positive intentions. From here comes everything. Tend to your heart tonight. And tomorrow. And the next day. 

But next week, or whenever you are ready, let's choose to do something different. It's not about knocking on doors anymore and taking money for political candidates just for a few months leading up to an election and then going back to our lives. It's about millions of people in this country choosing a level of consciousness and connection in our own lives. It's about choosing to look into the eyes of at least three people you do not know tomorrow and allowing them to see you, allowing them to see what is occurring in your heart. 

If every single one of us who might be hurting tonight actually stepped forward and did that tomorrow, and chose to connect with kindness and an open and loving heart, we would shift into a different frequency. We simply would. And a frequency shifted cannot be extinguished by fear and hate. It is the law of Alchemy. Love is the only answer. But luckily it is also the best and the most beautiful answer. It might be too soon to say this for some, but we got this. We truly truly do.

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