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We are so thrilled that you want to share your love for You Are Golden!


As an official affiliate


You will receive 20% commission on any You Are Golden sign ups that come through your referral link.

Oh, yeah!

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Aren’t affiliate links shady ponzu schemes?

Hahaha. Nope. Affilate links are one of the most authentic ways of sharing something you love that was created by someone you love and respect with people that you love. 

How does this work then?

You receive a personal link to the You Are Golden landing page that essentially has your own personal energetic signature embedded into it. When you share that link - either via email or on your website, and someone visits the site, it registers in the bank-end. When they sign up for the course, you immediately get notified and it registers in your own personal snazzy little dashboard that you can monitor. 

Where is this snazzy dashboard of which you speak? 

When you sign up for your affiliate account above, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, which you can log into and monitor whenever you like. The second a sale goes through that was inspired by your mention, it will show up on your dashboard. 

Hurrah! One of my besties just signed up for You Are Golden through my link. When do I get my commission?

Your commissions will be paid out at the end of each month. 

So, just to confirm if someone signs up, I literally get 30% for just sharing the landing page of a course that I love and believe in? 

Yes! It means a lot to us that you would share your love for us and our courses. We don’t take lightly the fact that you are sharing this with your community and that you are standing behind us in this beautiful and supportive way, and we want to say thank you in a way that is meaningful. This is one of the most beautiful and aligned ways of doing business in the modern world. You get to authentically share something you love that will be helpful to the people you love, while supporting people you love, and receiving in return. This is what is known as a #winwin