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You Are Golden.

That is the Truth.

You came here to have fun.

Also, the Truth.

You came here to explore and create and live life in a way that feels
authentic and delicious and delectable to you.

And you came here to have access to financial resources to support you in doing this. 

100% Truth. 

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Along the way,
because you are
human (kinda)

you forgot part of what you originally knew as Source essence. 

You got a little scared,

and your ego tried to keep you safe and told you that life is hard and that you couldn’t have it all.

It possibly told you that money was wrong and bad and only for an elite few,
that being wealthy comes at a cost, and that life is hard and to be toiled through.


well, because of a million of internal voices that left unfettered run the show  ...

And every time someone told you or demonstrated that it could be easy, you possibly got mad or jealous,
because it felt like salt being rubbed on a wound — that you would never be able to have that kind of yumminess. 



But it’s not true. 

It’s just fear talking.

I speak from experience.

I teach from experience.

When I say...


This life
and this existence
is malleable.

Our external world is in many ways a reflection of our internal realms.

And instead of taking that as a criticism if things are not going swimmingly, take it as a beautiful invitation. 

Take it as a gift of power.

'Cos if our internal world effects our external world, well holy mother, we just got our invitation to shift. Big Time. 


How do I know this? 

I am in direct
with the Universe. 

This is the work I do in the world.


I’m an alchemisT

I help people turn lead in to Gold,
energetically and otherwise.

But most importantly,
I have lived this, experienced it,
put it into action in my own realms and watched the results



And I'm thrilled to be sharing these gorgeous tools from the Alchemist's fiscal toolkit.

You don't have to do this alone.

I promise you. 

However, it is co-creative venture. You do have to do the internal work.

But guess what?

It's completely doable.

I am living proof. 




Release the old stagnant beliefs.

Know that inherited beliefs no longer run the show once we name them.

Know that it’s OK to make more than your ancestors did.

Know that they are cheering you on.

Know that they love you. 

They love your success.

They also love you regardless of any success.

Anchor in Specific Tools & Practices

We are Magical Celestial Beings.

Serendipity is real.

But grounded, specific tools that create
a container and rewire your connection to money are what allow us
to fly and truly taste the magic.

And they are much simpler than you think. 

I will be sharing them.

remember You are whole.

When you understand, viscerally and otherwise, that you are whole just as you are right now, you stop
trying to muscle in money to boost your sense of self, and you also stop making it wrong or bad when you don’t have it.

In essence, you stop fighting and allow. You relinquish the frequency of desperation. And guess what? That’s when it flows.

Because money is... 

And like all things energetic, 
an authentic and healthy
sense of Self is a turn on.

Prosperity is your Birthright.

The Universe has your back - truly. 

But this life is holographic.

You gotta reset your internal landscape first.

This is where
Mastery Meets Magic. 

Shift the money mindset stuff inside, and watch it shift in the outer realms.

This is alchemy.

This is the alchemic process.

This is how you Remember.
You are Home.

You are Golden.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 14.43.03.png

and know this:

It’s ok to make beautiful amounts of money doing what you love.

Money is ultimately deeply spiritual. 

Freedom is deeply spiritual. 

Knowing your worth is deeply spiritual.

Allowing yourself to receive prosperity and then choosing how you want to spend it and who you want to support with it is deeply spiritual.

Many people have created these beautiful shifts before.

So can you.

And I will show you how.



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A Gorgeous 4 part Interactive Digital Money Mindset Reset
to help you bring in Prosperity and own your magic in 2018. 


You and Me and a Gorgeous Group of Money Makers. 


Release the Shame. Reclaim The Yumminess. 

I'll share my specific story of how I worked these tools.
From surrendered and penniless to a 6 figure business in less than a year. True Story.
When it's time, guys, it's simply time. And that's when you choose to do the work.

You'll also be receiving the year end review and intention setting document that helped conjure my success to the penny,
and the life-changing practice that I'll have you do during this reset & recommend over every other aspect EVER





Healing Ancestral Financial Karma. 

What percent of our money stuff that we struggle with relates to our ancestry? A lot. Oops. 
The beautiful news is that it's completely shiftable. All of it. Once we own it. 
I'll be holding space for you as you do the worksheets and bring this stuff to the Light. 

This is often the place of the deepest resistance imaginable, and holy mother, does this stuff shift mountains.
They'll be some oohs and ahas and possibly a few tears and then...freedom.
And the angels sing. 





Sexy & Essential Financial Practices.

When it comes to the practice, tangible steps, we find every reason not to do it.
But when you are accountable and you start tracking and connecting with your money in these specific ways,
everything shifts. Everything. 
I predict it will be the one of the greatest and exhilarating love affairs you have ever known.
And you will gasp as the simplicity of it and the delectable shifts it generates.

It's all about the brain, guys. It's all about the brain. 





Own Your Magic & Dream in Your Dream. 


In many ways, the most crucial part of the process but only possible when we have done the above.
We set the stage, clear the decks, remember the truth,
own our internal delectability, and then we dream from this place of clarity and connection. 

And from here, the Universe speaks to you in real time, the proof shows up in the pudding,
and you remember the deeper truth:




4 MOdules

4 FABULOUS Worksheets

1 Meditation

1 DIVINE Recipe for
Golden Milk



2018: A Year OF

And if any part of you fears that talking about money is deeply
unspiritual and questions the integrity of a money mindset reset, sign up twice.

And bring a bestie.  






What is this course all about then?

It’s a money mindset reset. It rests on the notion that our mindset determines our reality, which it does. This is why from the outside we may have all the gifts and talents and connections in the world, but we might still struggle financially. If we see the world in a certain way, if we have inherited certain views from our family, our ancestors, our society about money being wrong or bad or the root of all evil, then we’ll create a life in which we don’t receive it. Or if we do receive it, we find ourselves with reasons that it goes through our fingers just like that. But the beautiful news is that our brains and our beliefs are malleable - this is alchemy. And it works. So long as you do. Of that, I am living proof.


Oh yeah? How did you work it?

In the simplest explanation possible, I did the internal work and I went from not being able to pay my rent to bringing in over 6 figures in my business in just ten months. 



True. But also not true. We have developed such a bizarre relationship with money and one of the beliefs I had to shift in my own process was that it was unsophisticated to talk about money. Or that it was rude in some way to talk about earning large amounts of money - either because there was an ancestral belief that people will start asking you for it or expecting it, or that it was unkind because you’re rubbing someone’s nose deeper in the dirt when they don’t have any. Here’s the thing - that would be true if it was completely random and we had no control over opening a flow of prosperity in our own lives. But it’s not true. When we do the work - when we really do the work, the tide turns. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can bring in the flow of prosperity. You just have to do the internal work. I share my story and this course because I know it works and I want you to reap the benefits of it. 


But isn’t it really unspiritual to talk about money or even to want money? Aren’t you supposed to transcend that stuff?

For a long time, and even now, a lot of people feel that talking about money or making lots of money is highly unspiritual. I’m here to tell you that that is a lie. Money is deeply spiritual. EVERYTHING on this planet is deeply spiritual. Make a ton of money and then give it away to causes that you love and that are close to your heart. Stop making money the root of evil. And stop making it a reflection of your self-worth. It is neither. And this is part of the stickiness — when we equate money with our self-worth, then it’s a double whammy to our sense of self when we have trouble with the finance departments of our lives. So we tell ourselves that wanting money is unspiritual or bad or wrong, and then we don't do the internal work or take the practical steps to shift it. We sometimes feel physically nauseous at the prospect of taking about it. But here’s the thing — nothing is bad or wrong. Certainly not wanting to have enough money to be able to know that you can sleep at night without worrying about your rent. And certainly not wanting to have enough money to spend your days doing what you love. You are allowed to be fruitful. You are allowed to prosper. But don’t get it mixed up with your self-worth. When you realize that you are worthy simply because you ARE, then it truly doesn’t matter if you have lots of money or you don’t. And ironically, then you become free-er to welcome in more moolah. Funny how life goes.


How intensive is this course? I just finished the celestial journey and I LOVED IT BUT holy mother, it was a legit DAILY commitment!

You Are Golden is a very different course from The Celestial Journey. There are four main teaching modules in the money mindset reset that take place over just under four weeks. You can show up live with me for them each week or you can play them back in your own time. There will be some homework — several worksheets that you will print and fill in, a guided meditation or two, plus a simply daily practice that takes about a minute or so (no, not meditation!) but nothing like the extensive commitment that is the Celestial Journey. Tangibly speaking, I’d give myself 2 hours a week to get everything done. It’s really not so much the time with money mindset stuff — it’s the resistance. Once we sit down to do it, it doesn’t take that long. But you gotta sit down to do it. 


Do I really need an accountability partner?

I tend not to work with definitives, but I can honestly say, I’d like to meet the person who can authentically do a money mindset reset of any kind without an accountability partner or a group setting. Resistance is so real. I know the only reason I got through this magical work myself was because I did it with one of my besties, Tina Meyers. There were many days when I didn’t want to do the steps but we cheered each other on and it’s amazing how frigging simple this stuff is when we just have someone to talk to about it. Also, the one minute daily practice that is foundational has to be done with another person. And you both have to do it. So, yes, my friend, if you wanna be a money magnet and you want it to be as gentle and graceful as possible, I highly suggest you do it alongside an accountability partner. 


Will you be teaching this again?

No, I won't be personally teaching the whole thing again. This recorded version will be available throughout 2018, but I’ll only be leading the whole thing live with the private faebook group for feedback during this first kick off. So, if you love personal feedback or the chance to be part of the private Q&As, or can feel the beautiful energy of being in this tangible space together, this is your chance.



The modules will last 70 minutes and take place live in our private facebook group. The first module will be on December 30th 2017 at 12:00 pacific. The three subsequent modules will take place on January 4th, 11th and 18th 2018 at 12:00 pacific. If you can't be with us live, they will be accessible to you immediately whenever you want to work them in the facebook group. And they'll also be up 72 hours later in our private online portal, where you will have ongoing access to them at any time. 


I love learning via the web. I really hate facebook. 

No worries. You don't ever have to join a facebook group if you don't want to. As I said above, all the modules and worksheets etc etc will live in our private online portal and will be available within 72 hours of the live sessions. If you wanna join me live though, you gotta brave it to the facebook group. 

How come we are starting on December 30th, right at the very end of the year?

Because it’s a beautiful practice to say goodbye to 2017 and hello 2018 with a very tangible intention to shift this stuff. Energetically, you’re stepping through a gateway and when you can set yourself up to say goodbye to an old way of being, as part of an energetic container, at the very end of a year, holy mamma, is their oomph for growth. 


Do you promise specific results?

Of course not. Because this is YOUR journey. I will share the tools that I have worked myself and seen beautiful results blossom as a result. I will also share my process authentically and honestly, and 100% I moved this stuff at lightening speed, which means anyone can. I have full faith in you. And I believe with a full and whole heart that you can make equal magic. Even more so. But ultimately you have to do the work and you have to make the internal choice to shift. You can do this. And then you’ll send me a note to let me know that you did!


Do you have a favorite money mantra?

Yes! I have a couple that I’ll sing during the course, but for now this is one that I used to text Tina on a regular basis: I’m a Money Magnet, and so my friend are YOU!!! 

I'm embarrassed at the notion of having to delve into ideas like money mantras. 

Whatever. It works. And it's only resistance that says that you're embarrassed anyways. Money mantras are joyous and fun and rewire your brain. They might single-handedly be responsible for thousands of dollars making their way to your door. What's embarrassing about that?


Do you really believe I can do this and shift my relationship towards money?

I truly truly do. And I say that because I saw how I was able to do it. Everything I teach and share is because I have witnessed the benefits in my own life. And if I can do this, I know wholeheartedly that you can to. The most important question is do you believe that you can shift your relationship towards money? I hope the answer is yes. Because you truly can. 

I don’t have an accountably buddy to sign up with - can I still do the course?

Yes, 100%. We do desperately want you to do this with accountably buddy - truly, I want you to succeed at this, and I just haven’t yet met the person who really gets through the resistance alone. Also, it’s so beautiful to have this kind of connection with another when you are exploring these places in your own psyche. It’s an inbuilt cheerleading team, and seriously, who doesn’t want that? 

But fear not. You don’t need to come in with one — you can totally find one in the group, and it’s a gorgeous experience in itself trusting the universe to match you with the right person. Or, otherwise, think about someone right now who would love to do this with you — have a quick peek down your facebook feed or your phone contacts and you’ll find 200 plus people who would appreciate the beauty of this shift. Just pick one and see if they want to join you!


Can men do this reset or is it just for women?

yes yes yes yes YES Men can do this. Men already are signed up to do it, and hopefully we’ll get many more. Because money stuff is hugely relevant for all genders, and while we’re here for all non-binary folks too. Our relationship with money and the healing that we all need to do with it is actually one of the greatest unifying forces in the lands. Few people are immune.


I have over a million dollars in the bank right now. I’m not sure why I’m asking but is there something in this course for me?

If you asked the question, then you already know the answer is in fact yes. Or you wouldn’t be asking it! Here’s the thing — money mindset resets aren’t just about the digits showing up in your bank account. People with large amounts of money, particularly when that money has been inherited, often need the mindset reset more than others! Because it’s about our relationship to money — whether there is stickiness, whether there is fear, whether there is guilt or shame or a sense of hierarchy. This all gets to be addressed and looked at and healed. Because I will tell you, as someone that works with a large number of billionaires, if you haven’t done the internal work relating to moolah and your connection to and trust in the Universe, it actually doesn’t matter what it’s in the bank today, your brain will always find a way to create fear. That’s the deeper take away from this experience: It’s not actually about money. shhhhhh…

Ok, Im in. Where do I sign up?

Right here. Happy 2018, my loves. May it be a beautiful and prosperous one for ALL. 

Oh yeah, Who are you again?

I'm Nicola Behrman. I'm the founder of 7OM Alchemy and the Temple of Illumination. I'm the resident Energy Alchemist at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, and I travel the world sharing this magic far and wide. Cos the planet is waking up and it's time to remember who you are, what you have access to energetically, and how delicious and joyful this life can be when you allow it. You ready? See you in the portal!