Illiari Q'oto: Star of Inspiration

Illiari Q'oto: Star of Inspiration


Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration. My favorite from the beginning. Illiari. My home girl. The third eye angel where inspiration and imagination combine and miracles make themselves manifest. 

Based in organic Aloe Vera, infused with Sacred Ormus, and shamanically blessed with the energy of the Pleiadian Star, Illiari Q'oto, the star of Inspiration and Inspired Intuition, to help you see, create and make magic manifest in all directions of time and space. 

Crystal Essences: Labradorite, Lapiz Lazuli, Amethyst
Essential Oils: Hinoki, Lavender, Peppermint

4oz. Glass Spray Bottle. 

*elixirs are made and blessed individually by Nicola

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