Celestial Journey

Pre-Embark Checklist

Week 1: Puriq Q'oto - Grounding + Release (candle)

Week 1 Guided Book

Week 1 Ritual

Week 1 Guided Journey mp3

Week 2: Tarpuq Q'oto - New Beginnings (bath salts)

Week 2 guide book

Week 2 Ritual

Week 2 Guided Journey

Week 3: Nawi Q'oto - Abundance (binoculars and compass)

Week 3 Guide Book

Week 3 Ritual

Week 3 Guided Journey

Week 4: Munai Q'oto - Sacred Love (tea + chocolate)

Week 4 Guide Book

Week 4 Ritual

Week 4 Guided Journey

Week 5: Llanqaq Q'oto - Authenticity (crayons)

Week 5 Guide Book

Week 5 Ritual

Week 5 Guided Journey

Week 6: Illiari Q'oto - Inspiration (peppermint)

Week 6 Guide Book

Week 6 Ritual

Week 6 Guided Journey

Sata Na Ma  (11 minute mantra for the last 11 days)

Week 7: Qanqaq Q'oto - Illumination

Week 7 Guide Book

Week 7 Ritual

Week 7 Guided Journey  --> After you have completed the Journey,
take out your Journal and write the following words:
(they are intentionally tiny so you have to enlarge them
to read them once the Journey is complete!)

There is Majesty in my Soul, Divinity in my Eyes and…

Feel free to also write a few words about
your experience with this final and very special
Guided Journey to the Stars in your 7OM Journal.

Take a moment to look at your eyes
in the bathroom mirror. 
Do they look a little different?
What do you see?
How do you feel. 

Let us know in the Temple. 

You are complete. 



You Are Golden Worksheets

Module 1:

You Are Golden Module 1 Worksheet

Module 1 Checklist

Year End Review Worksheet

Module 2:

You Are Golden Module 2 Worksheet

Module 2 Checklist

Module 2 Healing Ritual

Module 3:

You Are Golden Module 3 Worksheet

Module 3 Checklist

Moolah In Moolah Out

Module 4:

You Are Golden Module 4 Worksheet

Module 4 checklist

Money Mantra

Golden Milk Recipe