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Have a Specific Dream that you want to Make Manifest?


Ready to Ignite the Magic?

Join Nicola for a Private 6 Month Mentorship Program
to help you take your Dream from Inspired Conception to Sublime Reality.

* Biweekly Mentorship Calls.
{12 Sessions Total}

* Email Communication, Support
& Accountability Steps.

* 1 In-Person Private Creative Session & Lunch
At The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
With Nicola.

* Complete Set Of The 7OM Celestial
Elixirs To Help Support The Magical
Process Of Co-Creation.


Nicola will hold space for your creative process and provide specific energetic and creative support
so you may bring your Dream into tangible form with grace, clarity and joy. 

From here, the powers of the Universe spring into action and the magic and serendipities seemingly unfold. 

Knowing always that Creativity is an umbrella term for whatever you wish to bring into your Life.

A Specific Creative idea. A Relationship. A New Way of Being in the World.
Whatever your Heart just spoke of.
This is your Dream.  

It's an honor to hold space for its unfolding.

*you must be a graduate of the Celestial Journey or have worked one on one with Nicola in person previously
to be eligible for the 6 month mentorship creative catalyst. 

Nicola is offering free 30 minute creative catalyst chit chats.
If there is a specific dream in your heart, feel free to schedule a conversation below to see if this is a good fit.


 September mentorships are full.

Next opportunity for mentorship will be in January of 2018. 

*If you want to be eligible for mentorships with Nicola you must have completed the Celestial Journey before hand.


Individual Alchemy & Illumination Sessions with Nicola are available at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Nicola will sage you to clear any negative energy from your field, and bless you celestially to infuse your body and Soul with nourishing Light. Have a burning question? Looking for specific insights into a business venture? Seeking inspiration to ignite an inspired idea in your heart? Wondering about your soul’s energetic heritage? Nicola holds space for your questions and connects with our soul essence to help find your answers. You will leave relaxed, soul nourished, with a sense of grounded clarity, and peace of mind and heart.

Please contact the Spa to book your private session. 

Nicola also travels to the Los Angeles area to facilitate private illumination sessions in your home. 

Booking Schedule Below.


Nicola is available as a public speaker and to facilitate group inspiration & ignition sessions, as well as group guided meditation and alchemy session. 

Whether relating to specific topics of meditation, ritual, rites of passage, self-reflection, healthy communication, how to create a delicious and nourishing life, or general themes of personal and professional growth, both in and out of the workplace and other community settings, Nicola’s gatherings and talks are Inspirational Nectar for the Soul.