"For anyone looking for a guide to help you in your life's journey...or a strong shot of light, love and inspiration straight from the stars - seek out this gifted, intuitive spiritual alchemist hearkening from the divine feminine.  I can personally attest to her luminosity."

- Suzan PourSanae Matuszewski

"I started working with Nicola when she was holding a series of guided meditations accessing the Pleiadian stars! The whole experience was extremely Sacred for me and opened me up to a whole new world with infinite nuggets of insight and Wisdom about my life. She is beyond masterful in opening the channels and holding space for her students. My experiences with her voice, her sacred songs and personalized tinctures have always been Out of This World, simply Magical and Divine."

- Shabnam Daei

"Nicola! I need to tell you how much I appreciated the 7-OM Journey. With your support, I trusted, I manifested and I wholeheartedly stepped into my greatness. I am an RN who has been a Stay at Home Mom for 29 years, and I had just completed a two years masters program in Spiritual Psychology when I began the online 7 week Journey with you. I set the intention to do an additional year of study and I needed to manifest a job in order to cover it financially. Through the 7-OM process, I have never felt so clear and so connected to my purpose. With your guidance, I asked for what I wanted and surrendered to the Universe that I would be provided with what I needed. Within 5 hours of doing the Abundance Meditation Journey and setting my intention to find a job, an old acquaintance in the field "serendipitously” texted me out of the blue. I asked them for a job and I am not exaggerating when I say they told me to show up the next day! Nicola, I was a Stay at Home Mom for 29 years! It’s been almost a year and I have never felt so powerful, open, trusting, filled with intimacy for my patients, knowing that I am supposed to be there, loving every minute of it. Every morning I do a little ritual of remembering that I have the ability to show up as the best “me” possible and I do. I also know that I’m there to shine and spread Divine Inspiration to everyone I encounter. Needless to say my days are amazing. Thank you for sharing your Divinity with me. I soaked you in and trusted in your knowing, giving me such power and knowing that I am here with a purpose. Thank you helping me discover, and for the clarity of knowing my path simply by surrendering and stepping through the doors that opened so effortlessly for me. I honestly can’t express with words the power I was able to access through you. Love and gratitude."

- Michelle Fabbri

"I loved the 7OM process! In addition to the daily writing and weekly meditations (a pink salt bath!? what!?) I had a major revelation during an exercise roughly 2/3 of the way in....I'm a playwright and a screenwriter and I realized that part of my desire to be a writer is about seeing the word made manifest, and that writing screenplays that don't get realized, even when I'm being paid, isn't enough.Thus, I sat down and wrote a film that I could and would direct, and now we are in Pre-Production with an Actress attached. THANK YOU, 7OM! The truth did indeed set me free!"

- Brooke Berman

"Hi lovely people. Just wanted tell you about something I have just begun that is having a profound positive effect on all areas of my life. I have started this incredible spiritual journey that is basically a type of writing journal. In a nutshell, every day you receive a writing prompt. Its amazing therapy for the Soul and just takes 10 mins every day. As you know it is so hard to make any 'me' time with crazy kids and work life etc. and I sense that some of my lovely pals may be able to benefit from this too. It also includes meditation downloads and rituals other bits n' bobs. It really is wonderful and helping me to find a balance, find myself and calm things down in my head and life. Tagging a few of you I think may be interested but is really for anyone!

- Louise Cohen

" Nicola is truly truly a unique, powerful translator of divine communications. Her incredible talent lies not only in her claircognizance, but in her ability to turn the wide breadth of information she receives into a message that can be directly internalized. The thing about Nicola that struck me most is how much she empowered me to know and understand the subtle messages from the higher realms myself. She doesn't just sit there and spell it out in black and white like so many others do; instead she recognizes that so much of what we need to understand is not appropriately communicated with words, instead it has to be directly felt by the intended receiver, so this is what she facilitates. We met on the beach for our session and I remember just sitting in silence, staring at her wise eyes, tears streaming down my face as I experienced one of the most powerful and relevant sessions of my life. She enabled me to KNOW what I needed to hear, and therefore I walked away with not only more intelligence about who I am and what I am here to do (personally and professionally), but I also walked away with increased confidence in myself and my own intuitive abilities. For these reasons and so many more, Nicola is one of the truest energetic integrators that I have come across."

- Christine Camille