Munai Q'oto + Love

Allow me to introduce you to many peoples' favorite star — Munai Q'oto, the Star of the Heart. Munai Q'oto relates to the frequency of Love, and offers us the gift of what it is to live from the precious frequency of Love that already lives inside of each one of us. As this opens more and more, everything gets brighter and more joyful. And it's not just peoples' favorite star because it relates to Love,
it's also because its the great connecter of realms and worlds.

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When's Your Golden Hour?

I am a magical Being. Clearly.
You are a magical Being. 100%.

Many many magical beings begin with a fear that if they do the tangible,
grounded things that they will lose their magic.

This is a lie.

This is resistance charading as your magical pal. True magic soars and flies when we allow it to be grounded and rooted in specific practices. This is why incremental steps work.

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