You're Not Crazy, You're Celestial Podcast Interview With The Balanced Blonde


If you are super energetically sensitive, the last four to five days might have included one of the most uncomfortable nights/ days/ moments you've experienced in a long time.

It is unfathomably intense.

You might literally be able to feel your system being rewired in real time.

You might notice that everything looks / feels a little different -- even your own he, (I wrote home but we'll leave he for now) even the vista that you look at and drive down every day.

It's all shifting. Or rather your eyes and your spacial awareness is shifting.

You might be burping up the wazoo. You might feel a foginess like no other. You might be experiencing an energetic vomiting from your heart space or your wombspace or your belly. You might feel grief that you simply cannot place. You might be wishing that you weren't even here at all.

It's pretty excruciating. Breath. Take a few moments outside in the cool air. Feel your feet on the ground. Meditate. Cry. Take a shower. Know that you are not alone. And that you are not crazy.

These energetic shifts and upgrades are very real. And uncomfortable as they are in real time, they are also why you came.

You are creating the New Human. And once again, this is not a metaphor.

And just to be clear. It’s not horrendous for everyone. And it doesn't need to be uncomfortable. There are some right now who are flying from the rooftops in joy. But for many, the incoming solar flares on Friday created a profound profound energetic cleansing and upgrade.

It was felt in real time by the many rather than just the few. And it's important to know that you’re not crazy. You are experiencing tangible upgrades to your system in real time. This stuff isn’t going away.

And knowing that you’re not alone is one of the most important ways to take the edge of the experiences and allow the magic to unfold. Because make no mistake about it - this is all for your ultimate joy and deliciousness. No question. It’s just a process.

Join us in the Temple of Illumination every Wednesday, where Nicola holds space and shares more about this celestial awakening in real time. And to help reset or bring comfort today, pop over and have a listen to today’s podcast on The Balanced Blonde where Nicola discusses what is happening in more detail and looks at all things magical, being connected and living a beautifully guided celestial life. Because one hundred thousand percent You’re Not Crazy. You’re Celestial.

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Full Moon Book Club Magic With Nicola + The Temple

Yup — that's right, 7OM Alchemy is starting a Book Club!

Our first Book Club is this Wednesdays,
September 6th, during the Full Moon at 7-8pm Pacific.

- Our Book Club is going to be a little different though -
You don't have to read anything in advance.

Nicola will begin Wednesday by reading an extract from a chapter from
EARTH: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library.

H O W  I S  7 O M  B O O K  C L U B  D I F F E R E N T ?

The Temple of Illumination Book Club is like no other.
Instead of having to read the book in advance,
scrambling in the car finishing chapters at stop lights on the way to book club,
now you don't have to read the book beforehand. 

Nicola will begin Wednesday by reading an extract from a chapter from
EARTH: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library.

She will be reading aloud to the group through a video ZOOM call.
Once Nicola has completed the reading she will then lead the group through an energetic exercise from the book to seal the Energetics. And there'll also be space for face to face (thank you zoom!) interaction and questions and sharings.

Interdimensional Rocket Club Book Club Here We Come. 

H O W  C A N  I  J O I N ?

12 spots.

Temple of Illumination Members get first dibs.
Non member slots open up on the day of the book club

Members email us to Join + reserve your spot here:
Non members, become a member of the Temple

See you Wednesday evening for some new 7OM Magic!

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7OM September Illumination Report: A Second Chakra Activation, Hurricane Harvey, Book Club + Elixir of the Month

And what a month it has been.
The eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, lifetimes of old stuff being cleared and brought to the surface as we speak. As we enter September, know in your hearts that these shifts and awakenings are very real. The psychic abilities that are opening up more deeply, the intuition, the visceral feelings in your heart space and your feet are all part of it.

The word of the month is Integration. 

You are doing amazingly.

And we have a lot of magic to share this month. The weekly Q&As in the Temple of Illumination are fast becoming a beautiful place to land and receive information on all that is unfolding. If you are not yet a member, please feel free to join us.

As ever.
Scroll down.
Have a peruse.
Know that you are loved.
Very deeply. 

See you in the Temple. 


E N E R G Y  R E P O R T

I tread lightly when it comes to events on the ground because they are very real and a lot of people are suffering right now. And it's also my job to spot patterns and share about the bigger picture. Remember how the name of the woman who died in Charlottesville was Heather Hayer, and I spoke of the connection between her initials HH {8-8} to the Lion's Gate portal that opened an influx of awakening energy on 8-8? And once again, we just had another HH {8-8} scenario with Hurricane Harvey rocking this Earth as we continue to integrate the energies of the 8-8 lions gate portal.

Everything we're witnessing on the ground is part of this Awakening and when you open your eyes more deeply to the seeming Serendipities, the patterns start to emerge and emerge. There are many levels on which this is being experienced and teachings are coming forwards, but in terms of Hurricane Harvey, the most prescient in the context of the Awakening of this planet is firstly the washing away of attachment to things; seeing entire neighborhoods of affluent homes completely submerged under water is one of the greatest reminders that we cannot take any of our stuff with us when we die. As a society, we have shown more respect for "things" than we have for our Earth, we have forgotten the ways of Ritual & Reverence and we have transferred our attention to "stuff."

We can spend our entire lives working to amass things and houses that can literally be taken out in a moment's notice. As we move into this new time, any old attachments are literally being ripped away for many and we are being invited to birth anew. With crisis and with loss often comes a super human strength and courage and it's just the strength and courage that we need as we navigate this newness.

The other thing coming through so clearly from this experience is the sense of community, the sense of the walls around our hearts being broken down, and the way we are stepping forward and stepping for each other. The tears that we shed as we see the animals being rescued from waters are very beautiful tears. Numbed hearts are opening. And even if you are not on the ground in Houston, you are being effected by these very Sacred Waters. They are cleansing us. Even though to many it feels like they are punishing us, this isn't the deeper picture. 

 If you're looking for a charity to support on the ground, we are loving Citizens Assisting Citizens. Our good pal Dr. Ashley Maltz is working with them and speaks very highly of them. We are donating $7 from this weeks featured Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality to them, so if you have been wanting to experience it, this is the perfect time.

Know also, that this week, there was a major second chakra activation. It happened on Sunday night and many many people felt it in different ways. Alchemically, if you have done the Celestial Journey with me, you know that we clear the second chakra with the element of water, so this is particularly fitting. Be super gentle with yourself this week, and if you are a Temple member, have a watch of this week’s Wednesday Wisdom — there is a particular exercise with our boobs (men and women) that we did that was incredibly healing and nourishing and anchoring of this very sacred, very beautiful energy.

And finally, if you are going through it right now, if you are grief stricken, if you have experienced the rug being pulled from underneath you, allow yourself to feel the feelings, and be as gentle with yourself as you can. Crisis brings a surrendering, internal and external, that allows us to break open. And this, in many ways, is what is occurring right now.

N E W  I N  T H E  T E M P L E

Yup — that's right, 7OM Alchemy is starting a Book Club!

We are kicking off our Book Club during this months Full Moon on September 6th at 7-8pm Pacific. Full Moons are powerful times for release, and this one is especially potent.

Our Book Club is going to be a little different - it will begin with Nicola reading a special part of a chapter aloud to the group via a video ZOOM call. Once the chapter is complete we will commune together to discuss the reading, share insights and answer questions. This will be the first time 7OM Alchemy will be doing a video call where all members on the call can see one another, share their insights aloud, and truly experience the magic face to face.

Currently this ZOOM Book Club meeting is free for Temple of Illumination members. We invite non-members to join us for our Book Club as well for $22.

Join us for our FIRST 7OM Alchemy Book Club September 6th, 7-8pm Pacific. It is limited to 12 spots - be sure to reserve yours by emailing us at


 A L S O   I N   T H E   T E M P L E


We are also loving this new addition to the Temple.

Starting last month Nicola has been dedicating every Wednesday morning at 11am to answer Temple members questions via Facebook Live in the private Temple of Illumination Facebook group. And it has been amazing!! If there is something that you have been thinking "I wish I could just get on the phone with Nicola or have a private session with Nicola" 

— however vulnerable it is — 

...this is the perfect opportunity. 

This week's question was from a mother in the Temple who had been having difficulties with her six year old son. Her question was powerful, and we feel Nicola's answer about the new kids on the blocks who are energetic systems busters could help many more parents out there so we are sharing it publicly with everyone on the main 7OM Alchemy page. View Nicola's answer   and insights by clicking HERE.

A lot has been happening since the Lion's Gate Portal opened on 8-8. Be so gentle with yourselves right now and remember the systems busters are doing their jobs so very very perfectly. All of them. Yourself included.

Come join us in the Temple every Wednesday morning to have Nicola answer your questions and get guidance. If you're not a member in the 7OM Temple of Illumination


 S E S S I O N S   W I T H


What actually happens in an in-person illumination Session at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa with Nicola? 

Nicola will sage you to clear any negative energy from your field, and bless you celestially to infuse your body and Soul with nourishing Light. Have a burning question? Looking for specific insights into a business venture? Seeking inspiration to ignite an inspired idea in your heart? Wondering about your soul’s energetic heritage? Nicola holds space for your questions and connects with your soul essence to help find your answers and remember the bigger picture. You will leave relaxed, soul nourished, with a sense of grounded clarity, and peace of mind and heart.

You can book a session through the Ojai Valley Inn


E L I X I R   O F   T H E   M O N T H


It's the Elixir of New Beginnings.

And it works with the second chakra, the sacred sexual chakra, and ignites the frequency of New Beginnings beautifully.

How do the elixirs work? 

Alchemically, they work in very specific ways. If you are energetically tuned or sensitive, you will feel them creating a sense of spaciousness and yesness. But all you have to do is spray them around your Being and your Body and luxuriate in the smell and the feeling of freshness. We do the rest. 


A U G U S T ' S  
T E M P L E   J O U R N E Y:
Guided Journey for Completion


If you are wondering if it's still relevant to receive the Eclipse guided journey for completion. The answer is a resounding Yes! 

"I finally had the opportunity to nourish myself with this guided journey and woah. I am so happy I waited for this perfect moment. So much was happening throughout my entire body...still don't have the words! This was so beautiful, thank you thank you thank you. <3" - Quoted by Ava P. one of our Temple members.

The Guided Journey for Completion is available in the Temple now by signing up for the Temple of Illumination membership. The 7OM Temple of Illumination is a simple $22 monthly membership, cancellable at any time, where you experience a beautiful 60 minute guided magic journey in real time each month with Nicola, to replenish and awaken the magic inside. 

As a member of the 7OM Temple of Illumination, you will have access to the private Facebook group, where Nicola also shares Full Moon + New Moon Energy Reports & is available for feedback and guidance every Wednesday at 11 pacific. For those who like to write, after each monthly Guided Journey you will receive a specific writing prompt journey journal.

Become a member here.   


H E L P   U S   H E L P


Throughout this week we will be donating $7 for each Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality that is purchased. We will be donating to the Citizens Assisting Citizens.
And we are giving you a Magical 22% discount code to use for the Guided Journey as well!!

A Second Chakra Activation is happening right now,
making this the perfect time to do our Guided Journey for Sacred Sexuality.

Use our special 22% discount code: HOLYMAMMA 
at checkout and we'll donate $7 for each purchase.

Citizens Assisting Citizens is an amazing non-profit on the ground helping #HurricaneHarvey victims.

You can also give donations directly to Citizens Assisting Citizens HERE


S E P T E M B E R ' S
U P C O M I N G  J O U R N E Y:
Guided Journey for New Beginnings 


This September's Guided Journey is one for New Beginnings.

Join us from wherever you are in the world on Saturday, September 23rd at 11AM for this Facebook live guided digital journey for New Beginnings in the Temple Of Illumination. 

Members Only. 

The Journey will available for individual purchase a few weeks after the Live Guided Journey. But receiving it live is where it's at. 


Not on our mailing list?

Signup below to receive the delicious Magic!

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The Eclipse Is Over - What Now?

As many of you know, there was a huge build up to Monday’s Eclipse. A sense of expectation for some, a sense of anticipation and excitement for many, and also a little bit of fear - some people felt the deliciousness of being complete, but for others the notion of completion brought up a lot of stuff. Some felt they hadn't yet found completion, others felt they weren’t ready to do so. As I mentioned in the Chalk Board magazine piece, our egos like comfort and we tend to like things to stay the same, because as far as the energetics go, we managed to stay alive through everything we have experienced so far, therefore, our egos tell us, so long as we don’t change anything, we’re gonna be safe as houses.  

But as we actually know on a deeper level, change is pretty much the only constant and there is no true sense of safety that the ego can hold onto. With change comes profound profound opportunity, but it can also fill us with fear.

Let me be one of the Voices on the ground to tell you that energetically things are shifting so deeply, energies are quite literally working with our physical and spiritual beings, that resistance to the shifts is actually more painful ultimately than allowing ourselves to flow with them. Be gentle with yourself and know that you are truly doing this perfectly for your own timing and your own Journey. We feel many different things at different moments. The important part is that we allow ourselves to feel them. 

What are these shifts and what did the Eclipse do?

One of the most important things for us to receive from this Eclipse is the understanding that it wasn’t a one day wonder of an event. It was the opening of an energetic portal and the energetic landscape within which we all live is continuing to shift and change. Some of you may have felt the energy flowing in in real time on Monday. I witnessed it first hand, and as many others are reporting, it was significantly more beautiful than many of us anticipated. It’s lovely to see and read about similar energetic experiences from people you don’t know because it clarifies and confirms our own experiences. For me, and for many others, there was an energetic feeling of shift just before the peak of the eclipse, a sense of nausea came through, and then a very very profound lightness. Like many others, I started to cry when I saw the moon and the sun coming together - tears of deep joy. And again, not something that I expected at all, but something that felt incredibly celebratory.

And I could tangibly feel for myself and those in my group at the time, that there was an actual energy flowing into our heart space — close your eyes and you actually might be able to tune into it right now. It starts at the middle of our chests and radiates upward to our throats. There is a literal heat and a warmth, a golden nectar — similar to those funny old commercials for cough syrups that would literally show the golden nectar working on your throat and your upper chest. Allow that sensation to flow through now, for that is was is actually happening.

What is this sensation in my heart space? What’s the warmth I’m tuning into? 

Space is being made in your hearts and in your throat. And this is precisely why for many there has been an accompanying sense of grief or exhaustion these past few days. On Monday we tasted the elation of this energy in real time - it was literally Love and Light flowing in from the ethers. Not as metaphor, but as tangible reality. Many in the US came together and awoke from a walking slumber. People spoke to strangers, communed with strangers and felt a sense of togetherness. For me personally, being on the fields at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, having people quietly find their way to join our group, seeing them lay down on the grass without a word and receiving and receiving and receiving was one of the most beautiful moments I have witnessed in ceremony in a long time. It was potent and powerful and without a need for words. Everyone was welcome. And everyone continues to be welcome. 

That’s great, but what is this sensation in my throat and my heart?

Yes, back to the nectar streaming into our throats and our hearts — it might feel very gentle and celebratory. Its a deeper sense of embodiment and awakening that is happening in your energetic cells. It might feel Light and it also might feel a little overwhelming. If there is a sense of grief or lethargy in the aftermath, know that the energy is working you. Know that any places in which you “suffered” in silence are now coming up for review. Any places in which you were not able to receive love in the form that it was offered is now up for review. Any places in which you didn’t speak your truth - to others or to yourself - is now up for review. It’s not always comfortable. In fact, it’s usually profoundly uncomfortable. But you signed up for a life of tangible beauty and magic, and there is a process of unpicking that happens on the Journey to Sublime Self. 

What should I do now?

Allow this Journey to continue — your Soul is very much onboard with it. And just be super gentle with yourself these next few weeks. Mercury is in retrograde, which isn’t just about technology; it’s about reviewing the past and bring resolution to the present. This is all happening at the same time. For a very beautiful and serendipitous reason — because you are ready to step forwards more truthfully, more authentically and more powerfully. 

I need more support and more information right now - it feels exciting and true but also a little daunting and scary. 

Yes, it’s a lot. But it’s all for your benefit. I spoke in more detail about all of this in our weekly Temple Of Illumination Wednesday Q&A yesterday. These transmissions are normally only accessible by those in our group, but this week, with the enormity of the energy flowing in, we are sharing it with you here. Please enjoy. And please feel free to join us in the group for next week’s private transmission and if you have a question, this would be a beautiful time to ask it.

Congratulations, guys. This is truly an incredible time to be alive. Allow the energies to continue to flow in and watch, just watch as the magic and the miracles unfold around you. 



Becoming a Temple member will grant you access to the Temple of Illumination private Facebook group. Within the Temple Nicola leads a Live Monthly Guided Meditation Journey every month via Facebook Live, and also shares monthly writing prompts. Nicola also shares energy reports, a  weekly Wednesday Wisdom Live at 11am where she answers Temple members question in a Facebook Live, insights, magic and many more delicious serendipities that occur in life. 

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The Upcoming Eclipse & What To Expect

You may have noticed that there is a lot up for people right now. We are in a very specific and important energetic period leading up to the Eclipse on August 21st and the theme of this Eclipse and what I am witnessing all over the place is the energy of Completion. 

Why should people care about eclipses and what's going on in the cosmos?

Eclipses are super super important energetically. And this is why — we are constantly and consistently receiving energy from the Cosmos.

Part of the reason that this planet seems to be going through such a crisis is because we are actually experiencing a very profound energetic, inter dimensional upgrade. We are literally remembering who we are as Cosmic Beings having human experiences and our energetic make-up is shifting from lead based Beings to Crystalline Beings. All this talk of rainbow children and crystal children coming in over the past several decades relates to the fact that the younger generations are already coming in with more highly attuned energetics and memories of who they are — and we as the older generations on this planet are catching up and going through our own metamorphosis. Eclipses hit and energetically, we have an opportunity to really jumpstart this newness and energetic possibility. It’s like the clock stops. Portals open. Relationships end. Jobs shift. We complete things. In a big way. Anything that has not been working in our lives comes up for review, so that we can leave behind anything that is stagnant and start afresh. 

The thing that I love the most is seeing how these energetics work in peoples’ lives even when they are skeptical or have no conscious knowing of what is going on — my brother is a perfect example. He’s a Manhattan based lawyer and not remotely interested in this stuff. But his life still moves with these rhythms, and I chuckle every time he tells me a big piece of news and I let him know that he is right on the money with the specifics of eclipse season.

What is the significance of this upcoming eclipse on August 21st?

This upcoming eclipse on August 21st is particularly important. It’s the completion of a six month energetic period that began at the end of February, and a period that has invited us to deeply take stock of our lives and where we are at so we may move into deeper possibility and deliciousness. Literally anything that is not in alignment with our true Soul knowing and journey at this point is going out the window, whether we like it or not. The energy of this Eclipse is very much the energy of Completion. It’s not just a metaphor. It’s happening in tangible ways. Relationships are ending, jobs are shifting. People are finally, finally taking the steps that they have wanted to for years or they are being pushed to take the steps. And it’s all connected to the Energy that is pouring is to this reality from other Galaxies now. And this is the beautiful thing — the completion is happening, because we are ready to step into something more beautiful and more aligned. It feels uncomfortable in the lead up, for sure, but if we work it and are conscious of it and are authentic in our exploration, it’s really an opportunity for profound shifts and magic. Going forward, we will witness, and you will witness, if you’re open, an increase in Serendipity, an increase in psychic powers and connection and in instant manifestation, and there will come a day where this will be very normal. The Veils are lifting even more deeply and we are remembering what we are actually capable of on an energetic level. 

What should you expect?

People should expect to experience a variety of things - but mainly, in this lead up now between the full moon and the eclipse, stuff is gonna be UP. If there are things in your life that you haven’t dealt with previously or that you have pushed under the carpet, be prepared for them to come to Light. And don’t be scared. This isn’t about punishment or suffering — it’s about clearing the way for something newer and even more beautiful. Our egos don’t like change, but it’s happening now, so feel the freedom of what that might mean to you and let it have its way with you. It’s going to anyways. Allow yourself to Surrender. Everything comes from this.  

How should you approach this eclipse?

Be super super gentle with yourself right now and all the way up to the eclipse.

Extra support?

In honor of the upcoming eclipse, we have 3 magical in-person experiences to share with you at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and a magical digital experience with the 7OM Temple of Illumination. These offerings are a la carte individual experiences. Together they make a delicious and perfectly timed retreat.

Our in-person events will take place at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa from Saturday, August 19th to Monday, August 20th. Nicola will lead a beautiful guided meditation journey to the Stars outside by the pool on Saturday night with wine and truffles and an evening swim under the stars, then on Sunday 7OM Alchemy is doing a Dream Alchemy Ceremony, where you will literally work with the energies of the eclipse to energize  heartfelt dream, and then on Monday during the actual eclipse, Nicola will be doing a special complimentary yoga and meditation session outside under the Wishing Tree. If there is a dream in your Heart, this is a beautiful weekend to come and seed it even more deeply.

Our digital event are for those who are unable to join us in Ojai, and available to anyone anywhere in the world. We invite you to join us digitally in the Temple of Illumination for our Guided Journey Saturday, August 19th. Nicola will be leading a very special LIVE digital Eclipse Guided Journey in the Temple on the morning of the 19th at 11am, and it will be….A Journey For Completion. By signing up for this months guided journey in the Temple will grant you access to the private 7OM Alchemy Temple of Illumination Facebook group where Nicola leads a Guided Journey + Meditation every month. The membership is a reoccurring monthly payment of $22 that you may cancel at any time. 

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Magical Eclipse Weekend With The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa: You’re invited

A   M A G I C A L   W E E K E N D  W I T H   
T H E  O J A I   V A L L E Y  I N N
Saturday, August 19th - Monday, August 21st

In honor of the upcoming eclipse, we have 3 magical experiences to share with you at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. These offerings are a la carte individual experiences. Together they make a delicious and perfectly timed retreat.

We will begin the weekend on the night of Saturday, August 19th, with a gorgeous Guided Journey to the Stars by the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. Following Sunday afternoon, August 20th, Nicola will lead a New Moon Dream Alchemy Session. We will then end the weekend Monday morning, August 21st, with a complimentary eclipse Yoga and Meditation class during the actual time of the eclipse outside on the grass under the Wishing Tree at the Spa.

Each daily activity must be individually scheduled.
Peek below to read the daily offerings in full detail and reserve your spots.
We encourage you to join us in all three days to invite, participate, and experience the full Magic of this weekend.

G U I D E D   J O U R N E Y  
W I T H   T H E   S T A R S
Saturday, August 19th 8 - 11pm

We are kicking off this Magical Weekend poolside at the Ojai Valley In & Spa.

Join us Saturday night for a delicious and delectable Guided Journey to the Stars outside by the pool and then an evening swim at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. There'll be drinks and nibbles provided by the Spa and this experience is limited to 22 people, so please book asap! 

N E W   M O O N   E C L I P S E  
D R E A M   A L C H E M Y   C E R E M O N Y
Sunday, August 20th 4 - 6pm

On Sunday, Nicola, founder of 7OM Alchemy and Resident Energy Alchemist at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa will lead us in a beautiful uplifting Private New Moon Dream Alchemy Ceremony to anchor in a Heartfelt Dream on at the artists cottage at the Spa. New Moons are a time of profound potentiality; a beautiful time for our dreams to take flight. This particular New Moon on August 21st comes with a full Solar Eclipse that is kickstarting our dreams into reality.

E C L I P S E   Y O G A  +  M E D I T A T I O N  
Monday, August 21st 9:30 - 11 am

We will end the Magical Weekend with a 90 minute complimentary Yoga + Meditation class Monday morning, August 21st, at 9:30am. The class will take place during the actual time of the eclipse as we we breath and move outside on the grass under the Wishing Tree at the Spa. Nicola will be collaborating with Citrine Danzer, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa lead yoga instructor, for this special session. 

N O T   I N   C A L I F O R N I A ?
Saturday, August 19th at 11am

G U I D E D   J O U R N E Y
F O R   C O M P L E T I O N
Saturday, August 19th at 11am

For those who cannot join us in person in Ojai this weekend Nicola will be leading a very special LIVE digital Eclipse Guided Journey for Completion in the Temple of Illumination Saturday, Aug. 19th at 11am.
By signing up for this months guided journey you will receive access to the private 7OM Alchemy Temple of Illumination Facebook group where Nicola leads a Guided Journey + Meditation every month. The membership is a reoccurring monthly payment of $22 that you may cancel at any time. 

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A Message For Us All On This Full Moon With A Partial Eclipse Eve
Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.15.25 PM.png

About to step into a beautiful full moon ceremony for Grounding and release at the Kiva at Miraval Resort. And a message for us all on this beautiful Full Moon with a partial eclipse Eve: ✨ We are in the energy, guys. We are deeply in the energy. Allow it to work you. {It will anyways!!} Allow it Bring into focus the very Core of your Being. And allow it to show you the depths of your own capacity for Love. This is what's happening in real time as we speak. ✨ Our hearts are atuning more deeply; we are remembering the frequency and it is upleveling us from the inside out and the outside in. Bless these shifts. Bless any parts of us that are scared or reticent. Allow them to speak to you. Allow them to share any fears. And then allow an energetic balm to make its way through your throats and your heart as you speak. ✨ It's delicious and it's being delivered to your door. That's the message of this time. Don't be scared. The entire Universe has your back and is conspiring to gift you. Let it in. Let it in. Let it in. If that be your only mantra for this evening and tomorrow's Lions Gate Portal, it's enough: I receive the magic and the beauty of this energy in real time. I receive I receive I receive. ✨ And so it is ✨Happy Full Moon, guys. Here we go ✨image by the amazingly poetic akka b. photography.

nicola behrmanComment
ENERGY REPORT: Lion's Gate Portal + New Moon + Special Eclipse

Holy Mother, Guys.

I am writing this to you from Miraval. 
And I tell you, I am living proof that this Universe is orchestrating opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. But we have to Surrender our old ways of thinking first. 

In terms of the Energy Report,
I will try and keep it as succinct as possible,
but there's a lot happening.

I spoke more deeply about it in the Temple of Illumination today, there has been a very specific and profound throat chakra upgrade this past ten days. It began in the heart and worked the lungs and throat very deeply. Old griefs very likely came up to be witnessed and healed.  

Did you feel it?

In the form of an actual sore throat / raspiness.
And a lot of grief was transmuted.

I have a lot to say about this.
If you felt it and want to hear more about it,
and how to work with it, join us in the Temple.  

For now, as succinctly as I can muster, we must get to the upcoming biggies on the energetic landscape this month. August 2017 is truly like no other:

The Lion's Gate Portal opens on 8-8. 
We have a full moon with a partial eclipse on 8-7. 
And the huge, potent, powerful, eclipse of all eclipses
with the New Moon on August 21st.

This eclipse is the bookend to the 6 month period we kicked off in February. And all these energetic events are supporting you in living and stepping into your deeper truth.

It might be deeply scary. 

The beautiful stuff always is.

But it's real. 

It's available to you. 

And at this point in the Cosmos and what's happening energetically with the light that is streaming in, my greatest counsel to you is to stop fighting the inevitable.

You know it in your heart.

You have profound profound support in the energetic realms. 

And it's time.

And honestly, the alternatives now are even stickier than any potential fear. 

If you have been focusing on surrendering this past six months, it is quite likely that there is a deep sense of celebration right now. An awakening to a Cosmic Truth and way of Being that defies our brains. 

And there is no right or wrong in this - it's all a process. 
But if we haven't yet surrendered to the deeper truths in our own hearts, it's quite likely that right now there are some bandaids being pulled off. Or a sense of a tussle in our Souls. 

And know, truly know, that whatever is up, whether it feels like a graduation, a celebration, or a profound moment of fear or stagnation, or all of the above, know in your heart of hearts that this is all unfolding for you. 

Because it is.

And it is a glorious time to be alive. 

This is why we came.

And there's pretty much no pretending anymore. 

The Light and the energy is literally working us in real time and we can feel it. 

We have several avenues and beautiful opportunities for support and community below.

We are hosting the most delicious weekend with the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for the actual extended weekend of the Eclipse

This is truly a trip of a time to be alive. 
I'm so happy to be on this Journey with you. 

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ENERGY REPORT: The Current Energetics & Guided Journey For Sacred Sexuality

This month of July 2017 has been profound in the energetic realms (when is it not, right?). Major downloads of Light and energetic reprogramming and awakening came through from Sirius last week; the full moon was major, and we are now leading up to the Lion's Gate portal on 8-8, where there will be more deep openings and clearings and awarenesses coming through.

Last Friday, July 14th, was particularly intense on the energetic landscape. So if you were feeling like you were hit by a truck Friday or things had been going much more slowly than normal, Congratulations. You are doing great. And you are integrating in real time.

And know this very clearly: Friday might have been tough or felt like molasses, but a very clear energetic gate for possibility opened. There are old stories in your consciousness that are literally being transmuted -- stories of lack, of abandonment, of suffering, and even the story that we need to suffer or work hard in order to be of value and in order to deserve success and happiness.

It's being rewritten before our very eyes.

W H A T  I S  A C T U A L L Y  H A P P E N I N G?

There is an energetic re-awakening that is happening to humans on this planet that is allowing us to remember our cosmic heritage. You might literally feel your body and your brain being rewired in real time. Do not fear. This is not voodoo and this is not happening "to you" without your permission - this is a process that your Soul is very much overseeing, and it is for your benefit and your ultimate deliciousness.

You're opening to your extra-sensory capabilities, you are clearing out old energetic patterns and memories and your vibration is being upgraded to a more crystalline frequency. This frequency and the beautiful experiences of this frequency are why we came. And while the process of energetic awakening isn't always the most comfortable, it is guided by a higher Knowing and a higher Source. You'll recognize it because, along with any sadness or tears or pain that might come forward, there is also a deepening of Serendipity and a deeper awareness of Beauty. 

The trees will literally start to get greener, there is a light that you will start to notice in the skies and the clouds and in peoples eyes. 

Allow this in. Allow yourself to slow down and really experience your surroundings.

A V A I L A B L E   S U P P O R T...

If you have not yet taken the time to experience the beautiful hour long Guided Journey with the Goddess Isis and RA, this is a perfect time for it. The second chakra is the space of life-force and of creation. Any past experiences, any energetic imbalances, any fear or shame relating to this space - sexually and otherwise - effects our life-force and our abilities to see through to fruition our dreams. 

This hour long journey will clear out old stagnant energy in this space and fill it with a new vibrational frequency. You will feel it in real time and it is extremely aligned with what is happening with the Light that is pouring forth from Sirius as we build up to the Lion's Gate portal next month. 

Give yourself an hour, lie down somewhere super comfortable, close your eyes and receive receive receive. 


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7OM Sacred Words: Can You Believe It's Coming Before It's Here?

Happy Solstice All. 

The Light that is streaming in with this Solstice is super activating
and there is a specific frequency to it: Dreams Made Manifest.

There's a Masculine feel to it.
The Sacred Masculine that gets stuff done,
that puts our dreams into reality,
that takes the steps.

This is the energy we are being gifted.
But we have to be able to Receive it.
How do we do that?

In a nutshell: We allow ourselves to Believe. Even when there is no tangible proof yet.
We allow our Hearts to show us the proof before the pudding is even in the oven. 

If you can tune into the place of Yesness before the tangible has shown up,
there is a lot of potent and powerful energy waiting to rush in and prove your hypothesis.

My hypothesis for you? 

That your dreams are real, that it's time for them to be made manifest,
and that you are going to start seeing kernels of evidence that back this up in the upcoming weeks.

Audio Sacred Words Below.
Keep me posted. 

PS: Our monthly guided journey meditation this Saturday is with King Ra and the Goddess Isis. No-one says inspired action and get off that procrastination couch like the RA. And how ironic that all you have to do to receive the transmission is....lie down on your Couch and receive receive receive...The Universe sure does have a sense of humor. Join us this Saturday here and we'll bless your dreams with the deliciousness of the Sacred Masculine:

Temple Of Illumination March 2017 Transmission

Fridays are for alchemic transmissions to clear our week, take a breath, and remember who we actually are and why we came here. 

I'll be doing one of these the first friday of each month, and maybe even more often depending on the energy of times. Watch this space.

And for more magic, join me on the next Celestial Journey. We begin April 8th, and while the content and the experience is always the same, there is a different frequency to the group and who joins. The last Celestial Journey that 55 beautiful Souls from all over the world joined me for, was the frequency of Avalon and the High Priestesses and Priests, and the frequency of this next group is Israel and the Elohim. Do you feel that? That's the goosies of angels rejoicing at all who are coming together for this! 

More information and to register here.

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